Important Things You Need To Know About Homeschooling

Homeschooling was basically the only means to educate your children prior to the 18th century (when the demand for universal education became a public concern). Rich families would pay governesses to educate their children, both boys and girls, on necessary skills and information, ranging from writing and reading to learning Latin or French, with sewing and knitting as optional topics for the girls. Numerous studies have looked into the advantages of homeschooling, with one advantage being freedom and a changeable time period. Children are not confined to a set of classes and subjects; instead, they can halt according to their needs and habits, and they have greater freedom in managing their leisure time. Before you start, however, there are a few things you should know about the subject. Read on as we’ll discuss some things regarding homeschooling.

It contributes to parent-child bonding

Homeschooling can tighten the connection with your child, and you’ll become more aware of its more sensitive needs. A lack of empathy by the parents has been linked to trust issues, and a lack of commitment later on in life. Psychologists suggest how during the crucial years of the child’s development, children are often without their parents or their parent’s attention as both are working 8 hours shifts. The lack of proper attention and care later contributes to mental instability and issues. Furthermore, parents become insensitive to the child’s needs and have requirements the child is not interested in. This can be drastically changed with homeschooling. The parents are more aware of the child’s development, they are more included in their emotional life and have a better understanding of their needs. The parent can also adjust the curriculum to the personal preferences of the child, their skills, and their level of interest in a subject. While the traditional school system makes children learn all subjects equally, this restricts the child’s ability to chase the subjects where they perform better. With homeschooling, you can put a greater emphasis on math, if the child is showing a greater interest, as opposed to arts and music, and vice versa.

You can create your own learning environment

One benefit of homeschooling is designing your own classroom. You can adjust one room in the house and make it more than comfortable for the children, with colorful walls, excellent tables, and cushy chairs. You can customize it according to the child’s interests and add something new to keep it interesting. Numerous studies have linked an adequate classroom environment with better performance, and therefore creating a peaceful space for the child to thrive and grow is one of the many benefits. You can decorate it with books, as there is always school library furniture found online, and this actually motivates the child to read and explore more. Being surrounded by books triggers our natural curiosity about what is inside, and as the child goes through them, he/she will learn and pick up a thing or two. It also increases the scope of the child’s interest, as every new book offers something your little one did not know before. The environment in which your kid learns is almost as important as the way it learns, and therefore creating a safe and pleasant environment should be a top priority.

It is completely legal, although you should be qualified

Homeschooling is legal in every state, and there are laws securing that a child can take their SAT tests and make any career choice it desires later on in life. However, you should be qualified in terms of having an education. Although we all love our children and care about them, our desire to simply spend time with them on its own is not enough. You’ll need some basic knowledge in all the subjects and proper education. These matters are easily learned, and it will not take up much of your time to renew your knowledge. Also, there are numerous online courses you can take, quick ones, there are books you can read on the subject, and much more to secure your homeschooling to be more than successful.

It is completely legal, although you should be qualified

Your child will not lack social intelligence

A common misconception regarding homeschooling is the myth of your child becoming a misfit, cast away by society. However, this could not be farther away from the truth, as your child does not need to spend time in large groups of 20 to become well-adjusted to society. Actually, such an environment is often associated with mental health issues, and children are prone to isolate themselves more. Homeschooling will not make them anxious nor will it make them depressed, they’ll have more than enough time to spend with friends and loved ones.

They’ll have to learn all day long

This is another misconception, as homeschooling does not take up more than a few hours during the day. Furthermore, homeschooling allows for a more flexible time pattern and can be adjusted to the child’s needs. If the child happens to actively participate in sports, you can push some classes for later after their training. It also allows them to have workshops, and make things with their hands, enhancing their cognitive abilities, and making them more versatile. They’ll have time to eat, play, watch TV or spend time on the phone and learn. We, therefore, recommend not succumbing to such myths and biases and trying it out for yourself. With time, you’ll get the trick and become better, creating a unique and authentic curriculum for your child.

You can work and homeschool

With the flexible hours and endless possibilities homeschooling opens up, you can make sure to work and have a career and teach your children. It all comes down to time management and organization. You can catch the early train and teach them in the morning, or later in the afternoon. You’ll have weekends and holidays, and they are only obliged to go through the basic subjects and curriculum, to pass their exams, therefore there is no pressure nor stress. Furthermore, you will not go bankrupt if you homeschool your children, and it is not a privilege reserved only for the rich.

We hope you’ll find this informative and helpful, and we sincerely encourage you to at least try it.