4 Ways to Use Acrylic Pouring as a Way of Bonding with Your Kid

If you’re looking for new and creative ways of bonding with your children, then consider using acrylic pouring. Pour painting with kids is fun. It’s an idea that is a big win for adults and children alike. Each time you try pour painting, you’re likely to come up with a different but amazing masterpiece.

However, acrylic pouring requires a bit of supervision for your kids and can get messy. Fortunately, it isn’t expensive. You only need some of the readily available materials such as a thickening agent, wood, stone, canvas, disposable clear cups, and the paint. Here are some projects you can do with your kids as a way of bonding with them.

1. Paint Christmas Ornaments

Your kid can create impressive acrylic poured Christmas ornaments. Since pour painting is very unique, each ornament turns out to be distinct and amazing. Just use inexpensive and simple additive with the paint so that you can spend less but still achieve stunning results. Your kids can love this! It may be a good idea to invest in telescoping ornament storage to keep your decorations safe.

Begin with prepping the paint. A thickening agent helps to keep the colors from blending together. While you may get it at the store, a cheaper way is to prepare it at home by mixing 2 parts of white glue with 1 part of water. If you would like to learn more about the painting process, get complete information here.  

2. Create Poured Christmas Rocks

Christmas holidays can become better when you involve your kids in creating beautiful masterpieces the cheap way. You only need acrylic paint and some inexpensive thickening agent. Mesmerize your kids by producing elegant poured Christmas rocks through the creative painting technique.

Have you ever watched the viral Facebook video in which a woman creates these amazing pieces of art using a big cup with several different colors of paint? It’s cool but expensive and can be a great mess. Just use a cost-efficient thickening agent to do yours. Also, utilize a smaller surface so you can have a more controlled project.

3. Decorate the Snowflakes

Winter is a perfect season to become creative with your acrylic paint and some ingredients that you don’t have to look for in the stores. Let your kids play with snowflakes and produce unique pieces of art. You can use the decorations as gift tags, make them into ornaments, or let them hang around your house.

4. Create Beautiful Shamrocks

When St. Patrick’s Day closes in this time, you’d have something to show your kids so they may remember the holiday all their life. It is the creation of an elegant art of a kind called pour painted shamrock. It’s quite fun for your kids to make the decoration, especially with your supervision.

This is one of the crafts that you can do with children of all ages. Another advantage is that the process is relatively mess-free. Put on some beautiful music and let your kids shake a bit as you watch out for the final, awesome result.

Where to Buy
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Get Started In Paint Pouring: Easy Techniques, Awesome Ideas, & Inspiration for the Absolute Beginners 

Mylittlewoodshop – Pkg of 6 – Shamrock

These shamrock shaped wooden pieces are made up of thick, unfinished wood but its laser-cut edges are neat and smooth. You can enjoy acrylic pouring and use them as decorative items labelling your kid’s name on each to make them proud of their work.

Things you would need for acrylic pouring

Liquitex Professional Acrylic Ink, Pouring Technique Set with Deep Colors

This is one of the best ink sets for acrylic pouring because of its consistency, pigmentation and satin finish look. The ink is extremely fluid and the medium included in the kit gives very easy and perfect puddles, sheets and applications on all surfaces. Adding more to the benefits, the medium is light in weight and the ink is non-toxic, drying quickly without bleeding or smudging.

Acrylic Paint Pouring Bundle

This is a one-in-all kit with everything that you may possibly need for acrylic pouring. For beginners, this is where you start from. The kit includes floetrol cups, acrylic paints, gloves, pouring oil, mixing sticks and canvases. Just buy this kit and get started with crazy, creative ideas. All items in the kit are of high-quality and reusable.

Daveliou 12×12 inch (30 x 30 cm) Wooden Painting Board 

If you want your kids to take acrylic painting seriously, getting a wooden canvas board will be a nice idea. This wooden canvas is not only stable but also very versatile. You can use it for all kinds of art projects; using oil paints, acrylic paint, watercolor, tempera or any other craft. Each panel is made of natural birch wood with no voids, seams or knots but clean and fine surface.

Acrylic Pouring Oil – 100% Silicone Lubricant for Cell Creation in Acrylic Paint

Ever wondered how you get those cells in acrylic paints? By this acrylic pouring oil which is made of 10% silicon, contains no toxic material or hard odor. If you are painting with kids, it is absolutely safe and comes with a drip tip bottle so you can control the usage and pour only much as you need.

Get Started In Paint Pouring: Easy Techniques, Awesome Ideas, & Inspiration for the Absolute Beginners 

If your kids are enjoying acrylic pouring to the fullest and you want more ideas, this book will come in very handy and useful. It has finishing hints and techniques such as puddle pour, flip and drag, swirl pour etc. for beginners to learn through pictures and text. It’s brief, informative and inspirational for beginners to move to the advanced level of acrylic pouring.


Acrylic pouring techniques can be a great way of having fun with your children as you bond with them. It’s also inexpensive and simple. Start engaging your little ones today to see them grow up as artsy people. It’s an absolute joy!