Ideas for Quickly Making a Room Smell Great

While we all take to the task of cleaning our homes quite seriously, the biggest glitch in maintaining a clean home otherwise is making your house smell amazing. Though cleaning and striving to make your home smell good go hand in hand, they cannot guarantee each other. You may do all you can in your control to keep a neat and clean place, but if you prefer your home smelling the same as flowers, natural items, or forest, then you have to go to do something more than just cleaning. 

Starting with the Basics 

In the humblest of the opinions, the most essential thing is to let fresh air into your house. Be it the most modern gadgets, such as automatic vacuum cleaners, sweeping your floors diligently, the importance of bright sunlight pouring through the windows, and enlightening your rooms cannot be overlooked. 

However, it might not be possible for people living in harsh climate conditions, so the only solution is to employ some of the following ideas to make your house smell great. 

Ideas for Making Your Room Smell Great

There is nothing unnatural about a pot burning on the stove while cooking. Similarly, food going bad in the fridge and rotting away more in the trash is nothing homemakers have not experienced. The best way is to keep some of the methods and tips or tricks in mind to quickly refresh the air around your house and make it smell even more amazing. 

1. Essential Oil Diffusers 


The easiest and effective way to fill your home with your favorite scents is as easy as pushing a button on the diffuser. Diffusers are very convenient to use – you have to fill them with water and drops of your favorite essential oils. Due to its portability, you can place diffusers anywhere you need, be it the kitchen, bathroom, or living room. 

The best part about using a diffuser to make your home smell great is the wide variety of choices. You can buy any essential oil, such as lavender, dry roses, lily, etc. The mist from the diffuser carries the scent to every nook and corner of your house. 

2. Lemon Rinds for the Garbage Disposal 


There are times when you are desperately trying to locate that foul smell that has been haunting your dining and kitchen area since a while ago. Even if you turn every cabinet upside down and keep the trash outside straight away after assembling it, something smells fishy (maybe not literally!). 

If you have been through this scenario and have ended up clueless, then it is probably best to check your garbage disposal – after all, it has borne a lot, and it can end up smelling foul. The most effective way to quickly get rid of any such smell is to run some lemon rinds or peels down the garbage disposal. 

3. Use Wood Cleaner For Dusting Surfaces 


Who does not love the fragrance of a freshly cleaned home that is gleaming with dusted and shiny surfaces? If you want to achieve the same freshness and odor, a perfect hack is to use a wood cleaner to wipe off the side or center table, dresser, coffee table, chest of drawers, etc. 

Use a microfiber cloth and apply a little bit of wood cleaner on it to dust suitable surfaces, and voila! 

4. Simmer a Pot of Goodness 


According to a famous interior designer, Rhobin DelaCruz, one of the finest ways to have your house smell like nature has visited you is to simmer some flowery goodness in water. For this, you need to take a saucepan and add some citrus slices and herbs, depending on your preference. You can take lemon or tangerine slices along with a little sprinkle of dried lavender or mint leaves. 

The aroma that the heat from simmering this scatters quickly around the house and can refresh your lungs.

5. Scented Candles 


It might seem like the most obvious solution to brighten up the air around your house but having to rummage around the drawers when needed the most is the worst part. So, although being an obvious solution to fill your home with your preferred aroma, you must do the placement of the candles right. 

Place candles in their stands on sideboards and tables where you think you might need them. Scented candles also give off their aroma when stored in a closed space without even lighting them on. Try this trick to make your drawers or cabinets smell great. 

6. Scented Vinegar 


Vinegar is the most-used environment-safe cleaning agent used around several homes these days. However, as we have mentioned before, a good cleaning session does not guarantee an aromatic house. It is why using scented vinegar is the best choice.

Whether it is your rug that you are cleaning or a couch that has been home to your pets several times, using scented vinegar is an excellent choice as it leaves a lingering fresh scent. 

7. Fabric Spray 


If you have some uninvited guests coming whom you have to impress, preparing a fabric spray can be a lifesaver. Just fill in some water in a spray bottle and mix a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and you have the most effective arsenal prepared to leave your home smelling great

8. Incense 


Besides being used in Eastern regions, especially Hinduism, for religious purposes, incense burning is another effective way to leave your home smelling amazing. Incense are some plant parts burnt to release the fragrance. Sandalwood is the oldest incense used in various cultures for spiritual purposes. 

The benefits of using sandalwood for incense are countless. Above all, sandalwood elevates calmness while bringing down stress levels. Other than that, enriching your home with sandalwood incense also improves your quality of sleep. Undoubtedly, nothing matches a great smelling house and a peaceful night’s sleep. 

9. Using Car Air Fresheners for the AC 


Your car smells fantastic because every time you turn on the AC, the air freshener helps spread aroma everywhere. It is what you should also do at home. Place car fresheners in front of your AC vents at home and enjoy a fresh scent with the cool breeze.

You can quickly do this to relieve your living room from any foul smell before a visit from your guests. 

10. Tealight Candles in a Coffee Jar 


Coffee aroma is the best to freshen up one’s breathing system. It is an inexpensive but effective way to have your home smelling like your favorite coffee shop. Just grab a few small jars and fill them up with coffee beans. Place tealight candles on top and let the aroma freshen up your room. 

Best Home is the Inviting One 

A significant amount of our daily routine is dedicated to cleaning our houses. Whether expecting guests or not, cleaning is a mandatory part of our daily ritual, which is good for sound health. However, it is also essential to have your home as inviting as possible. Let the aroma of the coffee beans or a simmering potpourri spread throughout the house and make people fall in love with your home.