What types of vacuums are great for quick and regular cleaning duty?

Having a dirty house means welcoming a sense of chaos and discomfort. That is why quick and regular cleaning should be among your top priorities to keep your home cozy and safe for your family. Yet, it’s quick to put it off or never bother cleaning at all, given all the responsibilities you may have at work, with your kids, and your household.

Fortunately, a good vacuum cleaner can incredibly speed up the way you clean your home. Just be mindful that there are various vacuum types available in the market, with each performing a distinct function. So, you should only be getting one that can fulfill your intended purpose to get the most from this powerful household tool.

So, let’s cut through the chase! Continue reading below and discover the best types of vacuum for your quick and regular cleaning duties.

Handheld Vacuums


As its name suggests, handheld vacuums are models you can grab and carry by hand. These units are small, portable, and lightweight, and are available in corded or cordless versions, with or without the rotating brushes. Price tags also vary, depending on the brand, features, form, and several other factors, but they are still generally cheaper than your regular vacuum cleaners.

Handheld vacuums’ size and portability are what make these models perfect for your quick and regular cleaning duties. You can simply hold in one hand and start cleaning tables, small floor areas, upholstery, car interiors, or areas soiled by children or pets.

What’s remarkable is that handheld vacuums are also versatile. You can unit it to tackle hard-to-reach areas that larger upright vacuum cleaners most likely can’t. With that, you can quickly suction dirt and debris in corners and tight places, leaving your home much cleaner.

However, be mindful that handheld vacuums aren’t designed for your general flooring maintenance. It has a smaller coverage, which will make it longer to accomplish. They are rather a replacement for quick and regular daily cleaning tasks you can simply accomplish with a dustpan and brush, but save you a lot of time and effort.

Stick Vacuums


Stick vacuums, also called sweeper vacuums, fall right between upright and handheld models. They are slender, lightweight, and use a light suction and rotating brush to collect dirt and debris to their dirt cup. The long stick-like handle and low-profile heads make them fit for your quick and regular-touch ups, be it on hardwood floors, light carpeting, or area rugs in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom.

Stick vacuums are available in corded or cordless models. Still, you may want to opt for the latter as one of the benefits of cordless vacuums is even better ease-of-use. You will no longer have to deal with long cables while cleaning, plus you can simply tuck the machine on any closet or corner after it serves its purpose.

You might be surprised but some stick vacuum models are even convertible to a handheld vacuum, which you can do by simply detaching the wand. Just don’t miss out that they are less powerful, and though cordless types offer more mobility, their battery life may be a little bit short but just enough to deal with your home’s regular but little and quick, cleaning necessities.

Robot Vacuums


Do you have no time at all but acknowledge the value of attending to your space’s cleanliness? Don’t fret, as you can easily purchase a robot vacuum instead. Robot vacuums, also called autonomous vacuums, are one of the latest innovations in vacuum technology that has gained massive popularity from homeowners’ in recent years.

It’s little wonder, as all robot vacuums required minimal effort on your end. All you need to do is arrange the settings, set up the machine’s sensor boundaries, and your robot vacuum will clean your home’s floor for you. It will roam freely around your house, sweeping all the small mess that it comes across.

You can simply relax, watch your favorite TV show, or do other important tasks as it cleans. Plus, you also eliminate the need to vacuum manually every once in a while, as your robot vacuum does it for you.

Compact and cordless, another advantage of having a robot vacuum is that they can quickly reach areas, larger vacuum types won’t be able or have a difficult time to, such as under the table, couch, or other furniture. 

Though this type doesn’t boast the same power as traditional vacuums, the ease and convenience it offers are unmatched. It can function on-demand or on a schedule and control using your smartphone to make it work even when you’re out.

Of course, robot vacuums have their own drawbacks. This type won’t do well on shaggy carpets or rugs or homes with too many “obstacles” that can get their way. Robot vacuums are also typically expensive compared to other vacuum types. Yet, if you’re willing to pay the steep price and get it for your home, you will soon realize how its benefits can outweigh the faults.

What to Consider Before Buying

While these types may work well for your quick and regular cleaning duties, be mindful that you must still weigh some factors to ensure that you get one that best fits your needs. To help you make a smart purchase, here are some considerations you should take:

Check the Features

Some vacuum cleaners come with a motorized brush, while others are only powered by suction. The former will do better, but may not be suitable for cleaning delicate fabrics, and flooring materials. Others come with added features, such as being able to turn the brush on and off, adjust pile-height control, and set suction power. See to it that you inspect what features are available in your potential model and assess which one has the best capability and feature to help you fulfill your cleaning requirements.

Bagged or Bagless?

Bagged vacuum cleaners are less messy, but may entail an extra cost as you need to replace and purchase bags regularly. Yet, they are the best option if you or any of your loved ones have asthma or allergies, as removing the bag creates less dust exposure. On the other hand, bagless vacuum cleaners eliminate the need to buy bags, but they can be problematic for asthmatics or allergy sufferers when emptying their bins.


Having a HEPA filtration system is the gold standard for vacuum cleaners. They do best in filtering the tiniest particles, ensuring that you get a more thorough clean. Just be wary that they may be a little bit pricey than vacuums with standard filters. If you don’t have any family members particularly sensitive to allergens, you may rethink getting cheaper models with decent filtration capabilities.

Test it Out

If possible, go to a store first to see the actual model before making a purchase. By doing so, you can try different vacuum cleaners, push, pull, turn, or carry them to see which one works for you. Even if you’re ordering online, visiting a store first can greatly help, plus you can also see if the physical store has sales, promotions, or can match online prices.

Final Words

That’s the rundown of the best vacuum types for your quick and regular cleaning activities. Remember that having a vacuum can be a sizable investment. Make sure to decide carefully so you’ll only end with the type that can help you keep your home clean, fresh, and safe.