How to Use Vacuum Cleaner Specialty Accessories

Most vacuum cleaners come with lots of accessories. If you use all of them right, then you’ll get a great clean. However, if you use these specialty accessories wrong, then you might risk not only a mediocre clean but as well as excess wear and tear. Aside from that, improper use of vacuum cleaner accessories can also cause damage to your floors, upholstery, and carpets. 

If you own a vacuum cleaner that comes with many accessories, but you do not have any idea how to use them all, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are going to let you know what your vacuum cleaner specialty accessories do, and when can they help you in getting your home cleaner. 

Importance of Vacuum Cleaner Specialty Accessories

Most people who purchase a vacuum cleaner are focused on getting their floors at home clean. Well, the primary responsibility of vacuum cleaners is to clean different flooring types, rugs, and as well as carpets. But how about those areas above the ground? How will you clean them using a vacuum cleaner? That is what most vacuum specialty accessories are for. 

Vacuum cleaner accessories or attachments are important to clean above-ground areas like bookshelves, curtains, stairs, drapes, cupboards, and more. Aside from those, vacuum specialty accessories are also handy in cleaning the interior of cars. 

Different Vacuum Specialty Accessories and How to Use Them

As mentioned earlier, vacuum cleaners come with lots of accessories that can be attached to the vacuum for various cleaning tasks. Here are some of the different vacuum specialty accessories and how to use them.

Extension Wand

The extension wand is an important and useful vacuum accessory. If you need to clean tight spots at home that are difficult to reach, then an extension wand will come in handy. You can attach it to your vacuum cleaner’s hose to clean under and behind appliances and furniture, and as well as reach the corners of an extra-tall ceiling. It is a handy vacuum specialty accessory that will allow you to clean the highest highs and the lowest lows of your home. 

Crevice Tool

One of the most common vacuum cleaner attachments is the crevice tool. This accessory is thin, narrow, and features an angled tip. Its length depends on the model and manufacturer of vacuum cleaners. Some crevice tools are long, while some are shorter. Based on its name, it can help you in cleaning crevices, cracks, and other tight spots. Aside from that, it can also help you in vacuuming tricky corners, such as in between sofa cushions and car seats, vents, and along baseboards. You can even use a crevice tool attachment to clean refrigerator coils and de-lint the inside of dryers. It is a pretty indispensable vacuum cleaner specialty accessory. 

Upholstery Tool

The upholstery tool is a vacuum attachment for cleaning sofas, chairs, and even mattresses. If you need to swiftly dust any fabric-covered surface, this is the perfect accessory to attach to your vacuum cleaner. The vacuum upholstery tool is usually flat and has short, stiff brushes. Its brushes are responsible for agitating the dirt or dust before they get sucked into the vacuum through the hose. 

Dusting Brush

If you need to vacuum and dust, you can do that all at once by using the dusting brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. This is a versatile vacuum accessory, and it’s great to use for general cleaning. It is very useful when it comes to cleaning bookcases, windowsills, and even picture frames. You can even use this accessory to vacuum-dust blinds, walls, and lampshades. It is great for delicate cleaning if you want to clean surfaces but do not want to leave any scratches. 

Motorized Brush Head

This vacuum cleaner specialty accessory usually comes with small canister vacuums. The purpose of this accessory is to clean carpets, just like how a traditional upright vacuum would. This attachment has its own mini-motor that powers its small brush roll for a more up-close and personal cleaning. 

Pet Groomer

There are also vacuum cleaners that come with a pet groomer accessory. If you have a pet at home and you’re tired of brushing its hair, you can simply get your vacuum cleaner and use this attachment. You can actually finish two chores at once with this tool because while brushing your pet, you can also catch al the shedding fur at the same time. 

Hard Floor Brush

Hard floor brush vacuum accessories usually have broad flat heads that are perfect to use on hard floors or uncarpeted floors. They often have bristles to help in sweeping and catching dirt. Aside from that, they also feature small wheels for easy maneuvering across the floor. 

Ceiling Fan Attachment

There are also vacuum cleaners that come with a ceiling fan attachment. This accessory will help you in cleaning the top and bottom of your ceiling fan simultaneously. It is designed to pass over your fan blades for a more convenient vacuuming. 

Mattress Tool

There are also some vacuum cleaners that come with a mattress tool or attachment. Aside from cleaning mattresses, this tool can also remove dust, dirt, and as well as allergens that can cause itchy skin that bothers you through the night. 


If you wish to attach two vacuum specialty accessories to your vacuum cleaner so that you can use them alternately, you can do so with the y-splitter attachment. This accessory can help you save time and effort, instead of detaching and attaching the needed tools again and again.  

These are the different vacuum cleaner specialty accessories and how to use them. With all these tools, every corner of your house will undoubtedly be spotless. These specialty accessories can enhance the effectiveness of vacuum cleaners when appropriately used. We hope the information we shared will help you in using your vacuum cleaner’s attachments the next time you clean your house.