How to style different hats in various seasons?

Many fashion trends suddenly hit the vogue industry, and many lose their reputation, but there is a crucial accessory that never goes out of fashion, namely hats. This accessory stands all the test of style and never loses its importance. Many people are unfamiliar with the techniques of wearing a hat even when they are likely fond of wearing one.

If you are willing to purchase different types of hats to style differently, you can read through this article to comprehend the numerous hats providing you with a more elegant look. 

Assorted categories of headdresses

Some women have the notion that hats do not suit them. They should know that there is a range of hats to explore. It is an accessory that makes the entire society look amazing and fits every event and woman with various preferences.

Typical hat

An image of Baseball cap

If you have a bad hair day, then this typical headdress can save you on that particular day. You can wear a baseball cap on any occasion. You can wear this headdress in a low-profile dress to casual public events—a low-held ponytail or a shabby bun compliments a baseball cap.

Hat inspired by the west

A felt cowboy hat

The cowboy hat was ubiquitous in a particular nation of the world for years. You can choose from varying contours, sizes, and fabrics now. Straw Cowboy hats, along with felted cowboy hats, are more significant in demand. Some days you can style your hair with cowboy hats into a simple braid or a low lying bun.

Close-brimmed headdress 

An image of Fedora

Fedora and cloche are some of the hats that come under this group of headdresses. This hat possesses a bell shape, and the brim is very near to the skull as it provides you with a stylish look every season. These trendy hats come from various fabrics. You can pair this hat with almost any type of dress. 

People prefer Fedora when you go for a holiday or during the summer season. A cloche creates an elegant look.

Basic for winter

Luge world cup

Beanie is considered the essence of the month of winter. This tube headdress fits flawlessly on your skull. Anyone who wears a beanie will look decent, and the hairstyle that goes well with this is relaxed hair or plaids on the sides. These days some beanies come with holes also to pass a bun through it.

Appropriate hats that match various figures and face contour

When you purchase an outfit like trousers or a t-shirt, the first thing that flashes in your mind is whether it will look good. The same you should do when you go out hat shopping.

Heavy body 

A traditional flat-brimmed and flat-topped hat originating from Córdoba, Spain, associated with flamenco dancing and music and popularized by characters such as Zorro

If the lower part of your body is heavier, you need to select a headdress that balances the whole figure. People who belong to the heavier side should prefer a wide mens brim hat.


An image of General Robert Baden-Powell

If your height is good, pick a hat that does not add extra height. Select a hat that fits perfectly on your head. A hat with a full brim will look decent.

Your face shape

The choice of a hat that enhances your appearance and flatters your features can be greatly influenced by the form of your face.

  • Round face – Look for hats with a tall crown and a broad brim, like a fedora or a floppy hat, if you have a round face. Your face will look longer as a result, and your features will look more defined. Avoid wearing round or beanie-style hats since they will draw attention to how round your face is.
  • Square face – Look for hats with a rounded crown, like a cloche or a beret, if you have a square face. Your face’s angles will be softened, and your features will be balanced as a result. Avoid wearing hats with square or angular crowns since they will draw attention to how square your face is.
  • Oval face – You are fortunate if you have an oval face since most hat designs will enhance your features. Look for hats like a trilby or a fedora that have a balanced crown and brim. This will accentuate your features and go well with the contour of your face.
  • Heart-shaped face – Look for hats with a broad brim if your face is heart-shaped, such as a floppy hat or a sun hat. This will make your face appear more proportionate and hide your forehead. Avoid wearing hats with a narrow brim since they will draw attention to how wide your forehead is.
  • Long face – Look for hats with a small crown and a broad brim, like a boater or a pork pie hat, if you have a long face. This will make your face look shorter and give your features more breadth. Tall, crowned hats should be avoided since they can lengthen your face.

Select hats that are favorable for the season

Pair a hat with your dress, but choosing a headdress according to the season is also recommended.


group of women standing on rock fragment

Light hats are likely to propel an impression in the spring season. Straw hats with various styles are best for the spring season. A graceful outfit looks satisfactory with straw fedora tilted slightly along with a messy bun.


woman sitting on poolside setting both of her feet on pool

People prefer hats with wide brims during the summer season. It can protect your eyes from harsh daylight. 


Beautiful young couple on a walk in autumn forest

Felt and tweed hats are a must during the season of the fall. A lovely elegant dress with a scarf will make a fashion statement this season. 


a person walking in the snow with a backpack

Beanies are trendy during the winter season. It is not only stylish but also serves a function to keep you warm. A side braid also looks very fashionable with the beanie. 

If you are unsure about wearing a hat, you can explore the digital forum with various fascinating facts about headdresses. You will look very stylish if you wear your hat according to your figure and face shape. You must keep into consideration the season if you are going to carry one with you. This accessory will surely alleviate your style and help you look glamorous. A hat can give oomph to your outfit. You should know what to team up with your hat. 

A good head accessory can create a lasting impression. You can pull crowds with appropriate pieces of head accessory. The way you stand out in the crowd with a hat can help you draw attention and even compliments. However, you must avoid making silly mistakes when deciding your outfit with the hat. As if you go wrong, it can have reverse effects in terms of appeal.