Learn How to Quilt at Home With These Easy Tips

Many people spend their time, money, and energy on quilting. There are many reasons why people enjoy this hobby so much; it helps them relax, allows them to be social (since neighbors or friends can gather to work together to finish quilt projects), and quilts can also make great gifts for friends and family as they can be a nice addition to their decor. If you are new to this interesting hobby and want to start making quilts at home, you may feel a little overwhelmed at first and may not know where to start. So, keep reading for easy tips on how to quilt at home.

Pick a Pattern

The first step that you should take is to ask yourself what you want to make. There are various patterns to choose from and narrowing them down won’t be so easy. If this is your first time quilting, you should opt for something small because this will make it easy for you to learn the basic techniques. You should consider starting with baby quilts, and you can choose basic patterns like squares or triangles. If you want to make things easier and faster, you should get a stack of squares that are pre-cut.

Choose the Right Tools

Before you start quilting, you need to buy the proper tools first. The first thing that you should buy is the fabric. You can choose different patterns and match them yourself, or you can use fabrics that are professionally coordinated. Another important tool that you must have is a sewing machine. There are different types to choose from; some people choose mechanical sewing machines and others choose longarm quilting machines, while there are those who choose electronic sewing machines. Many people prefer the longarm quilting machine because it has a powerful motor, modern controls, and offers large throat space which makes quilting a lot easier. When looking for the best sewing machine, make sure to choose one that caters to your needs and meets your budget. Other tools you need to purchase are threads, needles, batting, and scissors.

Cut out the Fabric

Accurate cutting is essential if you want to stitch the patchwork together properly. You can go online and research the correct form of cutting so you can learn to do it the right way. In order to cut the fabric, you will need a ruler, mat, and a rotary cutter. Remember, if you don’t cut out the fabric accurately or you are off by a small percentage, this will mess up your whole process. So, take your time and try to be completely focused while cutting.

Piece Your Quilt

Piecing your quilt is definitely the most fun part. You should start with setting out a section of your quilt then start pinning all parts in order to make a complete block. You should know that it is important to iron your fabrics first. After you are done pinning the fabric, you should start sewing. You should sew your pieces together carefully, and in order to avoid sewing over the pins, you should remove them as you go. It is recommended to sew one row at a time and focus on your seam to make it even. Once you finish a row, you can either iron the seams or press down on them to make them flat. You should keep going this way, and make sure that your eyes are always on your seams.

Baste the Quilt

Baste the Quilt

Basting the quilt is when you will start seeing it take shape as you will be putting together the quilt top, the batting, and the backing. You can do this process in various ways like thread, pin, or spray basting. However, most people prefer the pin and spray basting. Prior to settling on the method that you will use, make sure that you research all of them first so that you can find the right fit for you. Before you baste, you should find a spacious surface to work on like the floor. However, if you aren’t comfortable working on the floor, then use a surface that will give you enough space to work on. After you baste your quilt, you should stitch it, bind it, then wash it.

Quilting is a fun, creative, and time-consuming hobby that will make you use your eyes, brain, and muscles. Since quilting takes time and effort, many people choose to do it from the comfort of their homes. So before you start practicing this entertaining hobby, make sure that you have the right tools and space so you can work with no interruptions. You can also invite people over to finish quilting projects together.