How To Plan The Perfect Surprise Party For Your Friend

Life is much better with friends and more fun at parties! We all have friends that are special and close to our hearts, and on their birthdays, we want to make their day as special as possible. What is better than throwing your bestie a surprise birthday party? Nothing beats that. However, sometimes things don’t go as planned. You might want to plan a nice surprise party but you miss some details, so the day doesn’t go as you thought it would. Well, if your special friend’s birthday is near, and you would like to surprise them with a fun party, we are here to help you do it right! Read on, because in this article, we will show you how to plan the perfect surprise party for your friend and also learn how the best male strippers in Melbourne can add extraordinary hype to a party. 

Choose a Fun Theme

Create a secret WhatsApp group and add people you know that your friend would like to attend their special day and discuss the theme together. It is important that you plan it together to make sure that everyone has the needed outfit colors or style. Pick a personalized theme, something you know your friend would love, like a theme based on their favorite show, cartoon, or book. Deciding on the theme should come first, as a lot of preparations will depend on it.

Surprise Party Theme Ideas

There are many possibilities to consider when selecting a theme for the surprise party. The following surprise party suggestions can be used to celebrate a loved one in an ideal way, regardless of the circumstance or personality.

1. Great Gatsby

Bring back the Roaring Twenties to honor the movie and the book. You only need wine, flapper outfits, and art deco extravagance. This is the ideal plan for any friend who enjoys dressing up on their special day.

2. Black and white ball

A little black and white may dress up a gathering at your house without using many decorations. This will quickly turn it into a formal event that your loved one will cherish.

3. Treasure Hunt

A day-long celebration might be an excellent way to mark the milestone. Plan a scavenger expedition down memory lane in place of supper or dancing. We’re sure your friend will enjoy this, especially if they’re into geocaching. Another advantage is that while your friend is in the woods, you can set up the surprise party’s décor at their house or favorite eatery.

4. A night out

You may choose a night-out theme from a dance party, club, and R&B. The night-out party details, little things like specialty beverages, and tasteful lighting will set a positive mood. A DJ or live band is a must for this theme party; an emcee is also required to entertain the crowd and keep things going instead.

5. Stream Festival

This simple theme is just about hanging out with the celebrants’ buddies and seeing a series of films. Make the celebration even more impressive by choosing a new and enjoyable location; you may rent a natural theater for the evening or set up a magnificent home theater room.

Hire Supplies

Now let the real preparations begin! To throw the perfect party, you will need to hire supplies that match your theme. Everything should go with it, like the table cloths, balloons, plates, and so on. You can make do with what you have, but if you want the perfect party, seek professional help. When you talk to event hire specialists to tell them about the theme, make sure that you specify everything that you need. Hiring supplies will make the rest of the preparations much easier for you. The best thing about party hire is that you can ask for a jumping castle or a stage for karaoke to add some extra fun!

Send out invitations to a surprise birthday party

Once the preliminary preparation is complete, you may invite close ones to the surprise birthday celebration. With the assistance of the honoree’s closest friends, narrow down the guest list. Then, send out a fun party invitation that clarifies that the event is a surprise birthday celebration such as this surprise party invitation. Personalize our stunning designs with your text and information by choosing from various themes and color choices. Use our details panel to share intimate secrets with your guests and remind them not to leak the information on social media if you want more room to expound on your surprise party preparations.

Cake and Food!

Order a cake related to the theme days before the event, and make sure that it gets delivered on time. A party without a dessert station is not a party! Order custom-made cookies, cake pops, and cupcakes- all related to the theme, of course- and display them in a fun way, and make the station as colorful as you can. As for food and drinks, it is much better and easier to order catering from your friend’s favorite restaurant. If there are too many attendees, hire some help to serve the food and drinks.

Let the Music Play

You have many options to choose from. You can book a band to hype up the party, hire a professional DJ, or take it upon yourself to create a playlist that will go on for hours. No matter what you do, make sure that the playlist includes some of the birthday person’s favorite songs. The moment they enter the location, play a song that is related to the theme, or their favorite song. To make this moment memorable, you can record it.


Since it is a SURPRISE party, the guests should hide until the right moment comes! The hiding place depends on where the event will be held. If it is in a venue, most likely, they have many places that the guests can hide in till the guest of honor arrives. On the other hand, if it is held in a house, guests can easily hide in different rooms or behind the furniture and wait for the right time to surprise the guest of honor. If you and the birthday boy/girl live together, hide all the supplies at someone else’s house so they don’t get suspicious. To make it work, you have to leave no trace or clue whatsoever.

Hosting and planning a surprise party is no easy task. However, with stealth and proper planning, you can throw the best party ever for your friend. All you have to do is choose a theme with other close friends of the guest of honor and make sure that everybody can abide by the color code or outfit. Hire supplies to make the birthday setting nothing less than perfect, order a cake and desserts that match the theme, and order catering to take care of the food and beverages from the guest of honor’s favorite restaurant. Hire a DJ or create a fun playlist yourself, and make sure that everyone hides well until the special friend arrives and the music plays. It will take you some effort, but it is going to be so much fun!

Get ready for the Big Reveal

The big reveal, or the moment when the honored guest of honor finally learns they are being surprised, is one of the most crucial aspects of any surprise party. One of the most common approaches is to have everyone hide when they hear the doorbell ring. There are a few more options as well. The honoree will know something exceptional is happening when they see everyone hidden. Just ensure everyone knows their responsibilities, so there will be clarity when the time comes.

Create a Distraction

It can be easier to prepare a party and keep it a surprise for the honored guest if a decoy or diversion is used during the planning process. This may be simpler for some people than others, depending on the honoree’s level of curiosity. Plan a spa date for the two of you or invite the guest of honor to spend the day or evening with you for dinner and drinks. 

Try an alternate tactic if you believe the honoree might not want a total surprise. Inform them that a party is being planned for them but that some elements, such as the theme, location, decorations, and meal, will remain a surprise. This is a pleasant yet understated surprise that considers the special guest of honor’s personality.