Make Your Furniture Stand Out With These Tips To Select The Right Upholstery Fabric

As upholstery is responsible for giving the character to your space, reflecting over all the factors is not an option but a necessity. Moreover, with multiple drool-worthy options like silk, leather, velvet, and more, zeroing in on the right option has further become a complicated process.

But, you shouldn’t worry as we have simplified the process for you. Here are a few tips that you help you in selecting the right upholstery fabric. Take a look.

Select the right color and pattern

Let’s start with the basics. As mentioned earlier, color and pattern are the most important and impactful considerations for selecting upholstery fabric, and hence, they require deep reflection.

To select the right color and pattern, determine the mood you want to concoct- whether you want to keep your space simple and subtle or make it bold and eclectic, whether you want a modern space or a traditional one. All these things affect the selection process.

Furthermore, take a cue from these tips to select the right color and pattern-

  • Use light colors on large furniture to make a small room appear larger.
  • Use dark colors if you have kids and pets.
  • Do not use small patterns on large furniture and vice versa.
  • Use geometric patterns on sleek furniture and florals and tribal prints on round-edged and bulky furniture.
  • Use bold patterns in large rooms and small patterns in small spaces.
  • For mixing and matching the patterns, use the boldest pattern as an accent.

Reflect on style and theme

Are you buying upholstery for a formal seating room or a casual family room? Do you want to create a tropical-themed space or a rustic-styled living room? Determine the style and theme of the space to select the right kind of upholstery.

For a formal setting, opt for silk upholstery and linen for a casual setting. Use modern fabrics for contemporary furniture and traditional fabric for a classic-style space.

Consider durability

Manufacturers design the upholstery fabrics for light, medium, or heavy use. Natural fabrics are delicate, while engineered fabrics are more durable. Hence, refrain from using cotton on your couch if you use it way too much. Opt for a combination of polyester, rayon, and cotton instead. Leather, viscose, or microfiber fabrics are ideal if you have kids and pets.

If you are trying to pull the luxe effect, use chenille, as it oozes out exuberance and is durable.

Don’t overlook maintenance

So, you got the most beautiful floral patterned upholstery fabric for your couch, but unfortunately, it started fading away in patches giving it an unsightly look.

Before buying any upholstery, consider the kind of care it requires and whether or not you can commit to caring for it.

Almost every type of upholstery fabric requires regular cleaning. Upholstery in households with kids and pets demands extra care and attention. Select the easy-to-maintain fabric if you are always pressed for time. Use fabrics that can be machine washed.

Generally, vacuuming the upholstery once in a while is enough to draw out dirt and dust lodged in its fibers.

The bottom line

Furnishing a space is a big investment. After spending your hard-earned money on adorning your dream home, you would want it to look like a million-dollar and stay new for eternity. It is only possible if you select the right kind of upholstery fabric for your furniture.

We hope this guide helps you find the right upholstery that checks all your boxes.