How To Make Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

Among the Valentine’s Day gift basket options, you’ll find those that include fresh red roses, decadent chocolate, and sparkling champagne. Make Valentine’s Day even more special by sending unique piece of resin flower jewellery to your special someone with a fun gift box filled with touching pastries like buttery heart-shaped shortbread cookies, chocolate cake, extra-thick English cherry blossom muffins, dark chocolate chip muffins, strawberry jam, flower bouquet and more. These Valentine’s Day gift basket suggestions include gourmet themes and grilling and BBQ, wine and golf, respectively. From homemade herbal tea and lavender bags to hearty gift baskets and cross-stitch socks, Check out Alexandria’s Gifts for a start to all your gift basket ideas!.

In addition, many of our Valentine’s Day gift baskets and boxes come with holiday Valentine’s Day tags and packaging to make your gift truly special. If a Valentine’s Day basket isn’t enough, be sure to add our sweeter options such as Chocolate Covered Strawberries or a delicious Valentine’s Day Gift Set. We’re sure your San Valentino will like it. Our selection of high-quality products and gifts will help you plan a sweet Valentine’s Day party.

Easy DIY Basket Ideas

While gift baskets get a bad rap for not being very thoughtful, we can’t think of a better gift for your loved one than a home-delivered package chock-full of chocolate (that you can buy at Midday Squares), cheese, fruit, and alcohol. Some other DIY ideas are as follows:

  • Fill any red or pink mug with Valentine’s Day-inspired gifts (you can buy candy and small gifts at any dollar store to cut costs) and add a sweet card or gift tag for a simple and delightful gift.
  • Fill any Valentine’s Day-inspired mug with tissue paper, candy, and Valentine’s Day decorations for a sweet, thoughtful gift they’re sure to love.
  • Fill a simple bucket or basket with their favorite chocolate bars and hazelnut snacks, and add a cute printed tag like this for a sweet (and slightly nutty) gift they’ll always remember.
  • Fill a basket with their favorite savory snacks like shortbread cookies, pecans, pistachios, etc.
  • Find a beautiful basket and fill it with an assortment of low-fat, low-carb and refreshing snacks. A basket of some kind: Choose one that matches your items but neatly packs them together to make them look complete and interesting.

Decorating your Gift Basket

Restorer with plastering tools for restoring a 300 years old wall of a historic farmhouse

You can buy a new basket or use an old basket or box and decorate it. Find a cute metal basket, put all these things in it, and tie it into a pretty bow. Keep it simple!

Create a separate basket for each of your kids, or create a basket with shareable sprees and small personalized gifts for each of your kids.

Use any custom box and fill it with all sorts of snacks you think are great for making fun puns. Feel free to mix them up or come up with your idea of ​​a basket full of your partner’s favorite items. You can also include seasonal fruits, spreads and cheeses to create the perfect combination of a fun, elegant and healthy Valentine’s Day basket.

Seriously though, this is one of the best Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas if your partner prefers salty foods over sweets. This is probably one of the easiest themes to work with because you can opt for gourmet gifts specifically geared towards gourmets.

When it comes to Valentines Day, the only gift that you cannot go wrong with is cakes and chocolates! Sorry, that makes two. However, if your partner loves everything sweet, you have so many options to make the day truly special. Gift her a cake with her most favorite flower. While there are many online cake shops, you should check out the reviews and first order a sample for yourself before you go on to placing the order for Valentines Day.

If they like a glass of wine (and that’s about it), sending them a pack of 12 regular Valentine’s wines is a great option since they only have one serving of the desired wine in their bottle. Their website has a full Valentine’s section with various traditional (flowers, candy, stuffed animals) and non-traditional (bath bombs, toys, perfume) items that make a great addition to any gift basket. Add a pretty bow or ribbon and a Valentine’s Day gift that says “love” (you can even add some flowers), and you’ve got the perfect gift they’ll never know is handcrafted. All of these can be placed in a gift basket or even in a cute wicker box and tied with a bow.

Fill a chest (you can find them at any craft store) with pink trinkets and add fresh flowers and, of course, chocolate for a gift basket that is both chic and professional. You can also add wrapping paper, blankets, socks, or other items to fill the space around the gifts nicely. Do not buy the same candies for the entire basket; instead, buy an assortment and mix things up.

Stuff is more important than candy – when my kids have a lot of candy, they go crazy, so I like to put a few in the basket and then fill the rest of the basket with other fun items like Valentine’s party favors, Plush toys, games we can play together.