How to Grind Bones in a Meat Grinder?


Grinding meat is a standard thing that many people do either at home or to run a business of food, but what about grinding bones? You must know how to grind bones in a meat grinder if you want to enjoy the ground bones & the nutrients in them.

I used to look for a perfect grinder that can grind bones because I wanted my mom to have those with meat to reduce her calcium deficiency. Moreover, I need ground bones to feed my pet as well; finally, I found one last year.

Please read the article to know about the bone grinding processes, suitable meat grinders for bones, & other things related to it.

Can You Have Ground Bones & What Types of Bones Can You Grind?

Well, all ground bones are not edible for human beings, but you can grind them for multiple purposes; for example,

  • You can use ground bones as fertilizers because they are nutrient-dense; therefore, you can fertile your soil quickly using it besides other natural elements.
  • The ground bones are quite useful as pedigree food items, especially for dogs; therefore, you can crush hard bones with a high-power grinder.
  • Thirdly, you can have the soft or tender bones with your meal if you want, especially the chicken’s with tendons or joints.

However, if you ask that which one should you choose to grind, the answer will be chicken, duck, turkey, goats, & other animals those have relatively soft bones can be ground & you can sometimes have those but not all body parts.

You can pick the chuck, soft joints, & sometimes leg pieces (ducks & chickens), but what if you want to grind any hard bone? Well you can sometimes grind beef, lambs, & deer bones in your grinder if the manufacturer allows you; only a few meat grinder have the features & strength to handle that.

Therefore, you must be careful about choosing the bones to grind because if you don’t put the things wisely, your grinder may damage due to overload; moreover, your ground bones may not be properly chopped.

How to Grind Bones in a Meat Grinder: Follow These Steps

Well, you may find it difficult when you hear of grinding bones instead of meat, but trust me, it’s as easy as grinding meat pieces, but the difference may occur in the timing; however, let’s see the steps you have to follow:

  1. First of all, you have to separate the bones from the flesh because you shouldn’t grind them together; otherwise, you may not have the desired flavor.
  2. Secondly, you have to put the bones in a refrigerator for half an hour at least because cold bones are easy to grind; it helps the grinder to paste the hard particles & moist things are easy to deal with.
  3. If it’s possible to slice or break the bones into pieces before putting them into a grinder, you should do that; you may use heavy knife or anything to crush the large bones into small pieces.
  4. Later, you have to gather the final result in your hand & put them into a bowl; you are supposed to put the bones one by one into the grinder.
  5. Please use a stomper or pusher, but not your finger to send the bones towards the grinding plates & blades; otherwise, you may hurt yourself.
  6. Anyway, you should put a container beneath the round thing where the ground bones will fall from; you don’t want your powdered bones to scatter all over your table, do you?
  7. However, after you have ground the things well, you must check them; most of the grinders don’t allow the bones to be ground in one run, making you put them in the machine for one or two more times.
  8. Lastly, you should use the parts you can use & throw the rest of the wastes in a dustbin; that’s how you can grind some bones for your uses.

Only knowing the steps of grinding bones in a meat grinder is not enough; you must know some expert tips that you can follow while doing your work to have the best result:

  • Please bring a perfect & heavy-duty meat grinder for grinding meat because all of them can’t take the load; for instance, a stainless steel 1.5Hp grinder is okay, but make sure it’s from a renowned brand.
  • You must keep the speed medium while grinding bones because they are not as tender as meat & excessive pace may cause unwanted damage to your gadget.
  • Another tip for you is to choose the body parts of animals wisely; please don’t select such a bone that you or even your pet can’t consume.
  • However, don’t put too many bones together in your grinder; the quantity should be less than the meat you put in a batch to grind.
  • Please don’t cook the bones before you put the bones into the grinder because bones become pretty harder after being cooked; you can hardly put them into warm water for some time after taking out of the fridge.
  • Lastly, you have to maintain the cleanliness more once you grind bones in them because hard particles may stick to the blades or plates that can later create clogs, decreasing the grinder’s performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can You Grind Spices in the Grinder You Use for Bones?

The answer is yes, you can grind spices, grains, & nuts in the same grinder where you grind bones because they are strong enough & easier to deal with.

  1. Is Grinding Bones in Meat Grinder Often Is a Good Choice?

No matter how high-quality & strong grinder you have bought, they are not supposed to get used to grind bones instead of meat every time; such actions can reduce your grinder’s lifetime.


I hope now you know the powdered or ground bones are sometimes useful & how to grind bones in a meat grinder because you may need to have them. However, the things you have found in the article are the knowledge you should keep in mind & apply when necessary.

Best of luck with your meat grinder; please visit the showrooms around you or trust the renowned sites to have the best thing in your collection.