5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo is a perennial woody plant that grows very fast. Everyone knows that it is the main fodder for pandas. But do you know that it is a commonly used material for luxurious bed clothing? Bamboo fabric is very soft and lightweight. It is also more breathable and wrinkle-resistant than the widely-used cotton material.  These qualities have made bamboo sheets very popular.  So, bamboo sheets can become a great alternative to cotton. It is also sustainable. While cotton production needs many resources and is not eco-friendly, bamboo is the most sustainable resource on the planet. It grows very fast and does not need any chemical fertilizers and pesticides during production. You can get a sound night sleep with the bedding made from bamboo fabric. In this article we have collected the most important reasons why you need organic bamboo sheets for your bed instead of cotton ones and how to pick the best product.

Reason 1. Breathability

Bamboo fiber has a unique feature – micro-gaps in its structure. They account for the absorption properties of sweat evaporation. Thus, bamboo sheets are always dry and comfortable. You will never feel hot and sweaty because bamboo does not hold in heat, providing thermoregulation and breathability. The sheets will help you be warm enough when it is cold and keep you cool during hot summer nights.

Reason 2. Durability

You may have experienced how soft and lightweight organic bamboo sheets are. However, it is interesting to find out that they are, at the same time, highly durable. The technology of making bamboo fibers involves stretching them instead of just weaving them together. It ensures their durability because, in this way, they are not prone to tearing or pilling as it is common for different types of woven fabrics.

Reason 3. Hypoallergenic Properties

A lot of people suffer from bad sleep because of the high sensitivity of their skin. They may also have allergies or dermatitis. If this is the case for you, bamboo sheets are right for your situation. The fibers are organic and very smooth, meaning that your skin will be protected against irritation. Since organic bamboo sheets can keep moisture away and hold a stable temperature, they are great protection against dust mites. The best environment for dust mites to breed and thrive is a humid and warm surrounding. However, they cannot survive in a dry and cool environment, so you will be able to say goodbye to your allergies.

Reason 4. Softness

They say that cotton is a quite soft material. However, bamboo fiber is much softer and smoother due to the round surface of its threads. It feels like satin or silk on the skin. Moreover, it reminds of true cashmere or silk because of its sheen.

Reason 5. Sustainability

Bamboo is a highly renewable biomass material. It also has some other environmentally friendly properties. Cotton production requires a lot of pesticides because this plant is very vulnerable to pests. Bamboo, on the contrary, is pest-resistant, so less chemicals are used in the production. Bamboo is a type of grass that grows very quickly. Some bamboo species can grow up to one yard per day. Also, more fiber can be received per acre of bamboo in comparison to cotton. Also, bamboo does not need much water for its growth. That is why it is never irrigated. After harvesting, bamboo regrows very fast, and it does not need annual replanting. Continuous cotton replanting can lead to soil erosion, while bamboo roots stay in the soil and preserve it from any damage.

One more sustainable characteristic of this amazing plant is that it produces 35% more oxygen than other plants and trees. Processing bamboo into fiber requires some chemicals that may be harmful to the natural environment. However, many manufacturers nowadays just like ecoy try to use a closed-loop process that does not allow any waste to be thrown into the air and water. Also, ecoy’s bamboo sheet sets come with a flat and fitted sheet plus two pillowcases that clients always admire.

What to Consider While Buying Bamboo Sheets: A Short Guide

Here are some facts and tips to consider when you are looking for the best organic bamboo sheets for your household.

Thread Count Is Unimportant

The quality of bamboo fabric depends on fiber length but not on the thread count. A good standard is approximately 300-450 threads instead of about 1,000 for other fibers. You can get bamboo sheets with a higher thread count, but they will be much more expensive.

Look Through Care Instructions

You will need to know whether the sheets you want to buy are machine-washable, hand-washable, or dry-cleaned only. However, no matter what the instructions say, never use bleach, fabric softener, and hot water. Even if your bamboo sheets can be washed in a machine, use cool water, soap, and a gentle cycle.

Bamboo Processing Technologies Matter

The two common ways of processing bamboo are – mechanical processing and extracting cellulose to convert it into the fiber. The mechanical process is used to get the best quality fiber. Bamboo fiber yarns received from cellulose extraction are referred to as ‘bamboo viscose’ or ‘rayon’. They are considered to be very good quality as well but much cheaper and more affordable.


When you chose bamboo sheets for your bedroom, you need to be aware of the  changes in household style these items can bring you. Buying bamboo sheets can be your first step to eco-friendliness or, if you are already green enough, these organic bed clothing items will be another great chance to contribute to your environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Use the properties of organic bamboo sheets to the full extent and enjoy them.