How to Get More Roofing Leads This 2022

Lead generation is fundamental for business, and things like proposals play a huge role when it comes to getting leads. It’s important to take the right steps to generate quality leads, and supporting your campaign with high-quality proposals drafted by companies like Roofr can help you grow your business.

Regardless, this post will discuss lead generation and strategies on how to get more roofing leads.

What are leads and lead generation?

A lead is a potential customer for a service or product, who expresses the intent to use or buy by signing up for a subscription or trial, or accepting an offer. Generally, there are two types of leads: Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C).

Leads follow a lifecycle stage, as seen below.

  • Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) – a customer in this stage has started engaging with a product or service, but hasn’t made up their mind to purchase yet. They’ve likely filled out a form for more information on the offer.
  • Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) – a customer in this stage has expressed interest in paying for the product or service, asking more questions to lead their decision-making.
  • Product Qualified Lead (PQL) – (for companies that offer a free trial) a customer in this stage has indicated interest in upgrading to being a full-paying customer for more access.
  • Service Qualified Lead – a customer in this stage asks to upgrade their service, usually a subscription.

Lead generation is a way to enhance brand outreach and increase sales. The development of social media and technology has helped immensely with this, paving the way for effective lead generation.

How to get more roofing leads

Many companies have adopted these strategies to acquire more sales and increase their customer base.

Canvassing or face-to-face meetings

While social media has made lead generation easier, the traditional method for acquiring clients still holds strong. Although it can require more effort, face-to-face meetings with potential clients can establish stronger connections and a greater foundation of trust.

While preparing to engage prospective customers, consider prepping points that highlight the benefits of doing business with your roofing company.

Sending direct mail

When it comes to how to get more roofing leads, sending direct mail is a great option.

Now that email and e-bills have become one of the most dominant methods of communication, the amount of physical mail sent to households has reduced significantly. This means a higher percentage of those who receive your mail will likely read it, making increasing brand awareness through mail advertising a viable option.

Leveraging local SEO

Many businesses are fuelled by growth and expansion, but focusing businesses locally is equally as important.

According to a report, 85% of people go online to find local businesses, and when it comes to roofing businesses, customers are more likely to enlist the help of businesses that are physically close to them. For this reason, it makes sense to leverage local SEO whenever possible.

Consider using advertising channels like Google My Business to rank your business locally, generate more leads, and expand your business in a concentrated area. During a potential lead, establishing correspondence with customers in person and opening up a line of communication can drive better lead generation.

Pay-per-clicks (PPCs)

Pay-per-clicks is another effective lead-generating technique that introduces your brand to a wider audience and drives traffic to your website. Two of the most prominent examples are Google Ads and Bing Ads. It should be noted, however, that this method requires a small upfront investment.

Instagram and Facebook Ads

Roofing companies can also employ Instagram and Facebook ads to generate more leads. Though the large volume of campaigns on these platforms may mean more competition, making your business stand out with eye-catching visuals and stating your business’ selling points can increase competitiveness.

It helps to put effort into your campaign banners and photos, use the right keywords and hashtags, and increase engagement wherever possible. It’s also important to prepare a story for the brand, linking your website directly to the ads.

Lead generation can expand your business

Increased brand awareness means a larger customer base. Whether it’s residential or commercial roofing, lead generation can get your business more calls for installations, repairs, and renovations. Make use of these various methods and test out what works best for your business.