How to Clean Your Home in Record Time – Tips and Suggestions

We all want a clean home, but not everyone has the time to clean their living space from top to bottom. Unfortunately, that is why some people have been known to allow dust and dirt accumulate in their houses until it becomes an unsanitary mess.

If you are a busy person who is worried about the amount of time it takes to keep your house clean, do not worry because we have a few tips that will help you clean your house in record time.

Hire a Professional

I know what you’re thinking. Most people cannot afford to pay someone to clean their home. However, for a spotless home in record time, hiring a pro  is the way to go.

Professional Cleaners come with all the cleaning supplies and use equipment such as mops, brooms, and vacuum cleaners. They’re also highly proficient in  cleaning specific surfaces such as glass, stainless steel, marble, and wood because they’ve been doing it for years.

Furthermore, professional cleaners will clean your home in record time without compromising on the quality of their work. Why? Because for any business, their client is their number one asset. Reputable and experienced companies, like Sidepost, for example will do everything in their power to ensure they get your home cleaned fast without sacrificing the quality of their work.

Plan Before You Clean

You will be amazed at how much time you’ll save by planning before you clean, finding that planning is the key to cleaning your home in record time.

Before you commence with any project, you need to draw up an action plan so it’s essential when it comes to cleaning your house as well. What you should do is make a list of all the rooms or surfaces that need to be cleaned and then create a schedule. It also lets you focus on a single task at a time, which can help you clean your home faster.

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to clean is attacking every problem at once, which is a recipe for disaster. You should separate tasks into categories and focus on one room at a time so it allows you to work more purposefully and efficiently.

For example, you might want to start with the bathroom or kitchen since they need the most attention. Spend some time cleaning your bathroom so you can get rid of all those germs and bacteria that can cause illnesses, then move onto the next – it’s your choice.

Declutter and Organize Your Home First, then Clean Cleaning Will Be Easier

I’ll be the first to admit that cleaning is easier when you have less stuff in your house.  Clutter covers our floors, furniture, and countertops so it’s almost impossible to keep our homes free of dust and bacteria.

Furthermore, it’s a fact that clutter can interfere with your work and cause accidents as well. That’s why it’s essential to declutter your home before you start with the actual cleaning, which will allow you to clean your home quicker than ever.

Once you clear out all the clutter and organize everything else, getting rid of dust and dirt will be a walk in the park because there won’t be anything blocking your access to specific areas. No more moving heavy appliances just to reach those hard to reach areas!

Use Ingredients in Your Home

Don’t have the time to go to the supermarket to purchase cleaning products?  No problem. You can actually utilize the ingredients in your kitchen so you don’t have to spend a ton of money on cleaning supplies.

There are several household items that have been proven as effective cleansers such as baking soda, white vinegar, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide. Not only do they help remove dirt and grime, but lemon juice in particular, gives off a fresh scent that fills your home with a pleasant aroma.

You can use baking soda and vinegar to clean up spills on your stovetop. Just sprinkle some baking soda and spray some vinegar onto your stovetop, wait for 15-30 minutes and gently wipe with a cloth.

Toothpaste is also another household item which you can incorporate into your cleaning schedule. If you have dirty mirrors, applying toothpaste and waiting for it to dry will help  eliminate any stains.

Clean Your Floors on a Regular Basis

Your floors are one of the dirtiest surfaces in your house, which is why it’s essential to clean them on a daily basis. Not only will you eliminate all those germs and bacteria that love to pile up on the surface, but you’ll also save time because once you’re finished mopping the floors they’ll be sparkly clean.

By allowing dirt to build up overtime, it not only becomes harder to clean your floor but it can also  cause damage to your flooring. Don’t let that happen because then you’ll have to invest in new floors which will definitely cost you a pretty penny.