How To Find The Best Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth

Your toothpaste plays a critical role in your dental health. If you constantly experience teeth sensitivity or even deal with it every now and again, it is important to choose the kind of toothpaste that will help in addressing the issue. It goes hand in hand with finding the right dentist; do pay a visit to this renowned dentist in Avon Lake if you are looking for a reliable one. 

And with toothpaste coming in every shape, size, and preference, you may not be sure how to choose the best one for you. But worry not, we got you covered!  

Here are the top 3 considerations that will help you find the best toothpaste for your sensitive teeth:

1. Go with renowned brand and/or manufacturers

While there are new toothpaste manufacturers emerging every day, there are reliable and renowned manufacturers that you consistently hear of. Remember, choosing the right toothpaste for your sensitive teeth is something that should be done cautiously. This is not the time for experimentation. 

Ideally, it is best to purchase your toothpaste from brands that you know and trust such as Davids Premium Natural Toothpaste, Whitedent, Colgate, Crest, and a select few. This is because these brands are known to follow the highest manufacturing standards vis a vis, carry the best kinds of toothpaste.

2. Consider the active ingredients

The best toothpaste for sensitive teeth should always come with the following ingredients:

a) Enamel strengtheners

The enamel protects your tooth. However, when your teeth are too sensitive, then they may erode and break down their outer shell, making them vulnerable. Therefore, if your sensitive toothpaste contains enamel strengtheners, then it will keep your enamel safe by strengthening it and protecting it against erosion.

b) Potassium nitrate

This is a special compound that only comes in toothpaste for sensitive teeth. This ingredient is meant to protect your teeth nerves by desensitizing them and consequently, reducing discomfort.

c) High-strength fluoride

Need we say more? This is a basic, must-have ingredient for every type of toothpaste out there. Fluoride functions by strengthening weak enamel and preventing further decay of the teeth. While every toothpaste comes with fluoride, your sensitive teeth require high-strength fluoride that will relieve the discomfort that you may be experiencing.

3. Look for a dental association seal of approval

According to davids toothpaste review, it is advisable to choose a sensitive toothpaste that has been approved by your country’s dental association. For instance, if you live in the United States of America, your toothpaste of choice should hold the American Dental Association (ADA) approval seal. This goes for many other countries out there.

The logic behind this is that the toothpaste should meet these three most important dental standards; 

  • The ability to fight cavities and bad breath
  • The capability to remove stains
  • The ability to be used on sensitive teeth

If your toothpaste comes with a dental association seal then it has been approved by a legitimate dental organization. Do not skimp on this, otherwise, you may end up with a toothpaste that may not be as effective as you want it to be.

The Choice Is Yours

Now that you know the considerations to make when finding the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth, you should go out and find your perfect choice. A toothpaste that meets the aforementioned selection criteria is one that will provide relief in the right way. 

However, if your teeth sensitivity persists, even after using the toothpaste for a couple of weeks (12 weeks maximum), you should get in touch with your dentist.