How to Easily Find Great Home Decorating Ideas in 2021

It’s that time of year again when we can all turn our attention to our homes and do some redecorating. Whether this is a standard part of your yearly spring-cleaning routine or you’re new to the world of home decorating, finding inspiration can be hard. Finding the right balance between your own personal style and what’s currently popular requires a little skill.

If you’re planning on doing some redecorating around the house, but don’t know where to start, these tips have got you covered. Here’s what you need to know about what’s hot in the world of home decorating in 2021 to help you get started.

Pops of color and two color combinations

Different patterns and motifs go in and out of style, but colors are always in. The first tip to redecorating your home while keeping things current is to add pops of color. Bold colors like reds, greens, blues, and oranges are very in. If one color is simply not enough, two-color combinations are the next best thing! As seen on the designs at, two-color combos are the perfect way to bring color into any room, without overdoing it.  Have fun with your color placement by using accent pillows, accent walls, or art.

Accessorize with plants

Plants as accessories are all the rage in 2021. This year, when it comes to home decorating, it’s all about keeping things natural. Earthy tones, wicker baskets, and an array of leafy plants are all excellent ways to bring some life into your home while keeping things warm. Mix plants of all different sizes and colors to add a touch of nature to any room. Throw out those fake plastic plants and go for the real thing. Get creative and mix in some recycled DIY accessories to spice up your home decor. Being environmentally conscious with your designs is big this year!

Graphic art is in!

If you’re looking for fresh new art inspiration to decorate your home with, look no further than the graphic art scene. Graphic art is making a huge comeback this year, with paintings, prints, and full accent walls. Tie rooms together with artwork that speaks to your younger, fresher side. Single line drawings of faces are a particularly attractive and eye-catching design for any living space. Support and commission local artists, or let your creative side loose with a paintbrush and some paint. Hanging metal wind spinners is also a good idea. Just be creative enough if you want to add some life and art to your living space.

Let the light in

Put any thick curtains away and open your windows. To let in more light, hang some shades or sheer drapes, or simply leave your windows plain. It’s a quick and simple method to add some light and make our home feel cozier. If you have a skylight, extra points! Natural light has several advantages, one of which being a rise in serotonin. Filling your home with sunlight has never been more crucial because we aren’t going outside as much owing to social isolation.

Reinvent formal rooms

It’s time to put functionality first, which may entail getting rid of the formal dining and living rooms you only use once every six months. Instead, convert that dining room into a home office, a study space for your children, or even just a relaxing space for you. In general, the concept of formal spaces is somewhat fading away. Indeed, what we really want is to live in and use spaces that are a reflection of our personalities and feel happier overall. This is your chance to completely personalize a room. Do you aspire to have a craft room? Consider a library. Removing the dining table will allow you to create the room you’ve always wanted.

Keep in natural

The preferred accessories for styling in 2021 are all about natural elements. Be sure to use wicker baskets, terracotta vases, marble coffee tables, and hardwood furniture while decorating. These elements combine to give a space texture and warmth, giving it a more natural appearance that can have a calming, relaxed feel. It’s easy to add texture to your area, especially if you use a lot of materials. A leather pillow, a faux-fur throw, a knitted pillow, or a pouf can give a soft, cozy touch to your space.

Prioritize storage

Even though it’s crucial to surround yourself with things that bring you joy, you don’t want your environment to feel cluttered and confining. And let’s face it, when you’re always at home, clutter is easy to accumulate. Always keep storage options in mind when you build your design and select multifunctional pieces. Both your physical environment and your mental state remain clutter-free. With plenty of storage, you may live comfortably in your house while still having access to the things that make you happy, like games, books, or craft projects, when you need them.

Sustainable furnishings

A wider trend that affects many facets of our everyday lives, including how we decorate our homes, is a greater emphasis on sustainability. We are noticing pushback as quick fashion expands its influence over home furnishings and accents, as well as a desire among our clients to purchase sustainably and make long-lasting investments. It is advisable to look for materials that have been certified sustainable by the manufacturers when purchasing furniture and home décor so you can feel good about the item’s influence on the environment.

Grannymillenial is the new modern

Minimalism is on the way out, making room for this year’s hot new design trend: Grannymillenialism. This whimsical, yet retro style is the rebuttal to the previous sleek, mid-century modern approach but with more character. Incorporate velvet materials, brass, and multiple patterns to get the signature “Granny-chic” look. Make your grandmother proud with your home decor. Bring new life to old items while being stylish and sustainable. Let your inner funky style fly with cute vintage trinkets and quilted doilies.

Grannymillenial is the new modern

Finding ways to decorate your home is exciting and fun. The secret to a unique, and tastefully styled home is to combine your own flares and quirks with what’s hot and popular like crystal decoration. Take inspiration from everything from nature to your grandma’s dream home. Experiment with colors and graphics and don’t be afraid to venture out of the modern minimalism bubble. You may also check Uniquely Coastal for more decorating ideas and nautical decors. Happy decorating!