How to choose recliners?

Gone are the days of massive, bulky recliners stuck in a corner of the living room. Since people now buy this type of chair more frequently and demand a better choice, manufacturers have bowed to their demands. Recliners now come in modern and contemporary styles, and a wide variety of colors and fabrics.

But whenever there’s a variety of things, one can get easily lost while deciding what exactly better fits their taste, wallet, home and reliability demands. That’s why we have gathered a list of things to take into account when acquiring a recliner for your living room. ↓

Discover and choose

Do you want your recliner just to match your overall decor? While finding a recliner that fits in with the room aesthetically is nice, Barter Design recommends also considering how this chair reclines and how functional it actually is.  Of course, the function of this chair is basically to recline the backrest or raise the footrest, but really, it’s also much more than that – there are even some that can massage!

Here are the most popular options

Two positions: as the name suggests, these recliners only offer two positions: vertical or horizontal. The footrest is extended with a button or lever and the backrest reclines completely horizontally. Remember that this model cannot be placed against a wall since there must be space at the back; it is therefore suitable as a centerpiece in large rooms.

Wall Protector: These chairs are perfect for small rooms or apartments, as you only need to move them just a few inches from the wall, not a few feet, in order to fully recline them.

Rocking: In addition to offering several recline angles, these chairs also allow you to rock gently and relax without lying down completely. This model is very popular with new moms, who can rock their babies to sleep in it.

Rocking backrest: With a modern and elegant design, this model, whose only moving parts are the backrest and the concealed footrest, takes up less space than a rocking or two-position chair. It is therefore perfect for small spaces. Just lean against the backrest to recline it, without having to use a button or lever.

Elevated: Although more expensive than other models, this chair is a good option for people with limited mobility. Equipped with a motorized mechanism that lifts the chair from its base, it makes it easier to get up.

Lying in a comfortable chair is a real pleasure, but did you know it’s also good for your health? In fact, when you lie down in a reclined position with your legs raised, you get a host of health benefits: relieving stress, reducing painful pressure on joints and back, as well as improving circulation. So don’t feel guilty about lounging in your chair while watching a good game on TV or cuddling lazily in it with your book, because you are actually doing your body a favor!

Another important element to consider in purchasing a recliner is the choice of a manual or electric mechanism. The layout of the room and access to an outlet are key factors in this decision. Sometimes it’s the room that decides for you, but you may also simply have to decide between manual or electric mode – either option has its advantages.


  • Allows you to place furniture anywhere in the room without being limited by electrical outlets or the use of extension cords;
  • Fewer moving parts, therefore less risk of defect or warranty problems;
  • Costs much less than electric models since there are fewer motorized parts;
  • Generally lighter than electric models (easier to move).


  • With the long-lasting batteries now available, many recliners can offer the option of motorized tilt, but without wires (except for recharging), giving you the best of both worlds (power supply without restriction as to the location);
  • Recline to the desired position, which allows comfort precisely adapted to the person who sits and chooses their position;
  • Easier to use since it takes less effort to get into a reclined position.

Now think again, In which room will you place your new furniture? The home theater and the basement are great places to sit on your recliner and watch an action movie or a game of hockey.

In the living room or the family room, reclining armchairs, loveseats and sofas will provide all the necessary comfort. A leather recliner for the reading corner or one with fabric upholstery for the family room: reclining furniture gives you a wide range of choices.

Now, to cut a long story short, remember the 3 reasons why recliner sofas are better than fixed sofas

1. Maximum comfort

A sofa with a recliner will bring you a good state of comfort, it will become the place where you can relax and recharge your batteries after a long day of work, where you will be able to truly retire, forgetting all worries.

You can turn your living room into a movie theater and spend precious moments with your family and friends at your favorite movie. The recliner will also become indispensable in the days when you want to stay lazy, with a book in your hand, reading from dawn to dusk.

2. A better posture

Even if you sit for a long time, you will not have problems with back pain when you choose the right kind of recliner. Basically, recliners are meant for people who want to relax, unwind, and generally enjoy the sitting experience when they get the chance. If managing body pain and posture is especially important in your case, seek out models that already have ergonomic shaped pillows or can accommodate them as needed. 

3. Design and style

If you have decided to invest in this type of chair, you will be able to find many models and colors that will match the design of your home. These recliners are extremely stylish and conformable and can add color to your home. In addition, such armchairs add a certain type of elegance and charm to the room. Any guest who will come to visit your home, will always be impressed and delighted to relax on this type of sofa, together with you.

4. Fitting your space and body

Everyone has a different body shape, but they all deserve to be comfortable in a recliner chair. You also want to make sure that the recliner you’re getting will fit properly in the intended space within your home. If the recliner doesn’t feel right in the room or you don’t feel right while lying or sitting in it, there’s a major problem. 

Riser recliner chairs are also available in made-to-measure options, so you might want to choose that  for the utmost comfort. A bespoke recliner chair, or even made-to-measure part of it, can be more expensive than simply ordering one from an online platform. However, this will be money well spent when the recliner fits your body and your space in the most perfect manner.

You can check out a comfort guide online to find out how a recliner can properly fit a body. Some companies might bring potential recliner chairs to your place or invite you to visit their outlet in order to get the best measurements possible. 

Trying out a recliner before committing to it is an important step; you don’t want the seat to be so high that your legs dangle above the floor. This will place pressure on your back and increase body pain over time. On the other hand, a too-low seat won’t support the legs enough and cause the thighs to start aching. 

All in all, whichever model you choose, you can count on an elegant design and unparalleled comfort of your armchair if you acquire it from NY Furniture Outlets, an online catalog that showcases the best seating furniture for your home!