How To Determine Moving Rates

If you are planning to move in to a new home, one thing is a must, you need to hire Movers Ellensburg. Some do not buy this idea as they think that if this they do, this will just add up to their expense. But actually, provided that this service comes with many benefits, there is no reason why won’t you consider it.

There are actually many factors that may impact the moving service rate, and to help you determine these factors, read below:

Items to be moved

What are the items that will be moved? There are many factors to consider under this criterion, and to name a few of them, read below:

  • The sizes of the items to be moved
  • The sensitivity of the items
  • The value of the items (especially that it needs to be warranted)
  • Quantity of items to be moved
  • Do they need to package the items

Since this is a factor that can decide on the rate, if you have a huge vehicle, it is best if you try to squeeze in some of the items in your vehicle. Also, if have time and energy to do the packaging, might as well do it on your own.

When to move

When are you planning to move? Most of the time, moving in at night or during holiday is more expensive when you are moving in at daytime or during regular days. If you want to save up, best to move in the morning and during the weekdays.

Asking the moving company about this is necessary if you want to know the different rate specific on the date you are planning to move.


How far do they need to move your items? Of course, the farther it is, the more expensive they will charge. This is actually one of the first questions a moving company asks to give you an estimate of how much they will charge.

Who to hire

Yes, the moving company to hire also decides how much is the fee for this service. There are moving companies that are charging more expensively than the others. Hence, if you are looking for a moving company, best to check out their rates and compare one from the other.

But needless to say, you must never prioritize the price of their service over the quality of service they can provide as definitely, the latter is more important.

Moving on, apart from knowing their rates, there are other questions you need to ask the moving company to ensure that they are the right one to hire, and to help you with thinking of questions to ask, read below:


Make sure that you know everything about the warranty included on their service. You would never want to hire their service unless the warranty included in their service is explained and clarified.

If you have questions about this, do not sign any agreement with them just yet, until everything is clear. Warranty is very important, even if the company you hire is highly trusted in this industry. You never know what future and fortune awaits hence making sure that warranty is clarified is a must.

Other available services they offer

Apart from packing and moving belongings, what other services do they offer? Do they have a storage facility in case you need it? Sure, the more services they offer, the better, but expect that there is an extra fee if you add more on their service.

The more questions you ask, the closer you could get from hiring the best moving company; hence you must not hesitate doing so.