How to Prevent Premature Ageing with Proper Supplements

The human body starts breaking at a molecular level with age. As a result, various enzymes production essential for any life on this planet starts declining, resulting in many ageing-related issues. Unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles contribute to this growing concern.

You could now combat the signs of premature ageing with supplements like NAD+ available at Remember, they are not some miracle cure for ageing, but along with a healthy lifestyle, they could help resist the natural effects of ageing and improve brain and heart function.

Signs of Premature Ageing

Some signs of premature ageing could be visible, while others might start affecting you internally. For example, some of the visible signs of premature ageing are:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Sunspots
  • Hair loss
  • Weight gain
  • Inflammation

Other not-so-visible signs of aging are:

  • Low energy levels
  • Decline in performance
  • Memory issues
  • Joint aches
  • Increased risk of heart diseases

How to Prevent Premature Ageing with Proper Supplements

NAD+ molecule acts as a coenzyme and is responsible for the optimal functioning of various organs like the brain, heart, liver, kidney, muscle, reproductive organs, and vasculature. It is also responsible for energy production and cell repair in the body.

According to studies, the NAD+ level in the body reduces in half by middle age as compared to their levels in youth. This leads to cell breakdown, and you start noticing signs of premature ageing.

Researchers have found that boosting NAD+ levels in the body could help manage various age-related issues. However, the NAD+ molecule has poor bioavailability, meaning that when consumed in supplement form, it does not get absorbed by the body and instead ends up in the gastrointestinal tract.

The precursors of NAD+ have shown remarkable results in boosting NAD+ levels. NMN is one such potent precursor used in supplement form.

NMN supplements consumed orally get absorbed by the body quickly and are converted into NAD+. Increased levels of NAD+ help with DNA repair, which is linked to a longer lifespan. It helps boost your immunity, improve energy levels, cardiovascular health and brain functions.

How do Supplements Work?

These supplements work by aiding the production of various enzymes necessary for functions like cell repair. For example, sirtuins is an essential protein that helps maintain DNA integrity. This protein helps maintain stabilized telomeres which are the end compounds of chromosomes. NAD+ converted from NMN supplements helps with the production of sirtuin.

The mitochondria at the centre of every cell are responsible for producing energy from the food you eat. No living being can survive without this energy. NAD+ plays a critical role in ensuring the mitochondria continues to perform their functions effectively.

How to Take NMN Supplements?

study conducted in Japan found that humans could safely consume a dosage of up to 500mg of NMN supplements. Washington University School of Medicine is also running a clinical trial where a dosage of 250mg is being tested on adults. In addition, David Sinclair, a leading anti-ageing researcher from Harvard, takes 1gm of NMN daily.

There are supplements available in the market today that range from 200 to 250mg per tablet. When choosing an NMN supplement brand, make sure you check for the Certificate of Analysis. It is a third-party lab testing report that provides details on the quality and purity of the product.

Premature ageing is a growing concern because of the sedentary lifestyles people lead today. Make NMN supplements a part of your routine. These supplements are aimed at increasing life longevity and also improving one’s quality of life. Remember, they are not quick fixes and would require consistent consumption. For effective results, indulge in a healthy diet and regular exercise.