How to decorate a kitchen with Scandinavian style

When it comes to Scandinavian design, less is more. This is a point on which most people can agree. However, becoming a minimalist can be difficult.

If you want to get that Scandi look but don’t know where to start, keep reading. This article contains the point of view of several interior design experts to share their Scandinavian kitchen decor ideas. And here are the most important things to keep in mind when styling your home’s busiest room:

1. Go for White

Go for White


Small rooms are a little more challenging to furnish because of less space to work with. So interior designers use all-white units and paint the walls in a lighter shade to open up space.

White is a fantastic non-color for creating the illusion of space. White will also add a modern touch to your small kitchen, and it looks excellent in almost any color!

2. Add Hanging Lights


Hanging lights are incredibly versatile and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. They’re ideal for small spaces and can bring a room to life. If you want to keep the light color scheme, you can go with cream color or darker color like grey or black.

3. Bring Technology to the Kitchen

Scandinavians are well-versed in cutting-edge technology. Consider adding technology to your kitchens, such as a smart coffee maker or electronic lighting and temperature control. Intelligent gadgets will also give your small minimalist kitchen a more modern feel.

4. Place a Wallpaper

Place a Wallpaper


You can add wallpaper to your walls if you feel your kitchen is too “empty,” with all that white. And items stored where no one can notice them. Scandinavians adore wallpaper, and it’s never been easier to find affordable prints that fit your style.

5. Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple


Many of the items people use in the kitchen are left on the side, on open shelves, so that others can see them. However, if you want a small kitchen in the Scandinavian style, you’ll need to know how to store those items in cupboards.

Make a list of the things you must have in your kitchen and keep them away from sight. Another way to give the impression of more space is to declutter.

6. Choose Bright Appliances

Choose Bright Appliances


An all-white kitchen can feel clinical, which is why adding a splash of color is always a good idea. You can achieve this by including colorful furniture, such as chairs, or, better yet, by purchasing brightly colored kitchen appliances.

For instance, a mint refrigerator would be stunning. Is it too big? Then perhaps a baby pink toaster or a red retro mixer in your Scandinavian style small kitchen can bring those happy vibes.

7. Use Wood

Wood finishes are essential to creating an authentic Scandinavian kitchen. Wood, on the other hand, isn’t just for floors and worktops. To highlight the natural material, choose cabinet doors made of wood.

If your budget allows, go with light-colored woods like beech or ash for flooring, dining tables, and worktops. For countertops, avoid varnished woods; the raw, natural, untreated look is more in keeping with the Scandinavian style.

8. Accessorise with Houseplants

Accessorise with Houseplants


Houseplants and potted herbs are another excellent way to soften the space’s functionality. Finally, don’t be afraid to use textured placemats, wall hangings, or rugs in the kitchen.

Fresh flowers, houseplants, or potted herbs can be added to the look for a typical Scandinavian design nod to nature.

9. Go Bold and Dark!

Go Bold and Dark!


Have you grown tired of the all-white look? You may wish for your kitchen to stand out from the crowd. Even though black isn’t used much in Scandinavian kitchens, it can restrict spaces, highlight architectural features. And also anchor the light, bright kitchen, and create visual contrast cleverly and creatively.

A black kitchen range, cabinets, hood, or even an island can instantly transform an otherwise neutral space into a captivating focal point. However, if black is too dark for your kitchen, go for darker shades of grey or even deep blue instead.

There are other traditional styles of wall decoration and you can see some ideas and inspiration here.

The Bottom line

These are the essential expert recommendations for decorating and furnishing a small Scandinavian kitchen. This design does not require you to spend a lot of money whenever you want to renovate your kitchen.

Its neutral backdrop, crisp form, and simple functionality will allow you to switch styles and themes in the future easily. However, once you’ve become addicted to Scandinavian cuisine, it’ll be challenging to break free!