Questions to Ask Before Undergoing Treatment for Spinal Pain in Fort Washington

Spinal pain could become worse if it is not attended to immediately. Regardless of whether the pain resulted from an injury or simply due to aging, it’s vital to get treatment as soon as you can. The median age of Fort Washington is 47 years, and studies show that most people experience spinal pains at some point after 40.

Unlike other pains, spinal pains can have a severe impact on your neural health and nerve health. Therefore, it’s recommended you meet an expert specializing in pain management in Fort Washington if you are dealing with spinal pain.

What Could Be the Root Cause of the Pain?

If you recently suffered an accident, lifted heavy objects, or engaged in strenuous physical activity, the pressure from these incidents may have triggered spinal trauma. While you have a clear idea of the incident that triggered the pain, it takes expert knowledge and formal assessment techniques to analyze the intensity of the damage.

Your spinal x-ray will help the pain management expert detect vertebral misalignment, herniated discs, infections, or disc dislocations. Back pains and spinal pains could also be consequent to muscle strain or nerve compression. Identifying the root cause of the spinal pain is critical to choosing the proper treatment.

Is the Condition Severe?

Conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, spinal subluxation, and spinal stenosis can aggravate if left untreated. Your doctor or pain management expert may detect the condition using high-grade equipment. They will then suggest physiotherapy exercises or pain medication, or a combination of both to help manage your condition.

Conditions like osteoporosis may also call for nutritional supplementation. Excess weight is another common cause of conditions that cause spinal pain. Over 12% of Fort Washington’s population is over 60 years old, and seniors are highly vulnerable to spinal pains and other chronic pains.

A certified medical professional specializing in pain management in Fort Washington can help you understand if the pain is due to a severe medical condition and help you take corrective action.

Does the Pain Management Specialist have the Required Qualifications and Certifications?

It’s critical to choose a certified expert for spinal pain treatment in Fort Washington. The condition could also impact surrounding nerves and muscles and shift or spread to other areas of your body. In addition, ineffective treatment methods could cause the spinal issue to worsen. A certified, formally trained expert can help prevent minor issues from developing into long-term medical conditions.

Timely detection and treatment may also help avoid the need for surgery. For example, compression fractures and acute lumbar pain resulting from improper seating posture could result in constant muscle spasms and other nagging issues. A certified, qualified expert can help you manage the spinal problem.

What is the Cost of Spinal Treatment?

The cost of spinal treatment may vary based on the severity of the condition. If you need surgery or extensive medication, the pain management specialist may refer you to a trusted surgeon. You may compare the rates offered by different pain management specialists in Fort Washington and choose the most affordable specialist.

The living costs in Fort Washington are almost 200% higher than the national average. Therefore spinal treatment in Fort Washington may be more expensive than in other cities. However, Fort Washington is home to several reputed pain management specialists.