How Does Child Custody Work In Arizona?

Child custody is an important aspect of family law and an area that can be quite sensitive for all those involved.

When a family breaks down, whether through a divorce or other circumstances, the first thought for everyone should be the care of the children involved. Child custody laws are in place to ensure that children are taken care of, and their care is considered carefully to ensure their wellbeing.

The way that the law operates when it comes to child custody can vary from state to state, which is why you need to understand how Arizona works when it comes to child custody so you can ensure the best results for your family.

How Does Child Custody Work?

Child custody, historically, refers to the part of the law that determines which parent or family member can make legal decisions for their children following the breakdown of a family unit.

In this part of the law, a child custody lawyer in Arizona would determine which parent would be granted full access to their children and arrange visitation for the noncustodial parent based on the circumstances. 

This is how child custody typically operates in most states, and it was a standard within Arizona until 2012, when the state made some significant changes to its legal operations.

Following these changes, in Arizona, parents are no longer granted what is referred to as child custody or visitation in the law but instead is now known as legal decision-making for the children and parenting time.

These changes were put into place to ensure that both parents are granted access to their children.

What Does This Mean For Me?

If you are dealing with the breakdown of a family unit, there are a lot of things to worry about, and your children are going to be a top priority at this time.

The majority of parents who enter child custody courts are looking to have as much access to their children as possible, but this is something that will be determined by the lawyers based on circumstances surrounding the case.

In Arizona, much like other states, it was typical for mothers to be granted full child custody in their case, with fathers being offered visitation. This is not a standard that suits every family, which is why Arizona has changed the rules.

Following these new rules, Arizona courts can no longer choose child custody based on the parents’ gender. Instead, both parents are required to submit a parenting plan if they cannot agree on a joint decision, and this is what is assessed by child custody lawyers.

As it is not the gender of the parent that can decide child custody, both parents have an equal chance of getting the result they want. Child custody lawyers will work closely with you to come up with a parenting plan that benefits all members of the family.

Find Arizona Child Custody Lawyers

As Arizona operates differently from other states when it comes to the decision-making for child custody, it is vital to choose a legal team that operates within the state.

Choosing a legal firm that has not only the knowledge but experience within Arizona’s laws will be the best option for your case and will offer a higher chance of success.

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Child custody lawyers can help ensure the safety and security of your children following a breakdown of the family.