Simple And Fun DIY Projects That Will Help You Upgrade Your Home Décor On A Budget

Sometimes we feel like giving a fresh new look to our home interior without having to break the piggy bank. There’s no need to replace every single piece of furniture in your house to achieve a brand new style, and you can achieve your dream vision on a budget if you think smart and let your imagination go wild. Besides, the satisfaction of creating something with your hands is way better than going to any shop! In our following guide, we would like to share some simple and fun DIY projects that will help you upgrade your home décor on a budget if you were wondering what to do this weekend.

Paint a Mural with your Family

Any wall in your home can be the perfect candidate to let your creative side show off and give your bedroom, kitchen, or living room a personalized and beautiful pattern or image of your liking. You don’t need to be the best drawer or painter in the world to achieve great results either, since you can set up a projector connected to your computer, point it against the wall you want to upgrade, and line out every figure with a pencil. Then, once you have everything lined out, it’s time to take out the brushes and paint, where everyone in your family can get involved in creating a long-lasting memory with a great DIY project. Or perhaps you just want to use symmetrical dots all around the wall, use masking tape to create diamonds scattered across the room with different sizes and colors, or even go all the way to the ceiling with a subtle degradé for an innovative twist on the formula. 

Try with DIY Picture-Framing

Have you ever felt like your family photos were meant to be displayed in full glory rather than being stored in old photo albums? Or perhaps you are an artsy person who wants to hang their artworks to proudly show them to your guests? A great way to do this is to create the picture frames yourself rather than rely only on the pre-measured ones available at stores. 

As it’s detailed in, you can either start with disassembling old photo frames and repurpose them for your projects or start anew with uncut framing moldings. If you have backed-up photos, you can either print them yourself at home if you’re on a tight budget. However, if you send them to a photo printing service you may be able to get them with additional features such as UV-filter protector and improved quality for older photos.

Update Old Furniture you Already Own

You can take your current coffee table, nightstand, or even lamps and give them a fresh new paint coat to revitalize their look. If you have wooden furniture, don’t be afraid of scraping off its original varnish to either change the color or restore the wood’s original color. Another excellent way to incorporate new textures to existing furniture is to add fabrics and re-cover different surfaces, giving a unique look and feel to your home that you’ll be certain no one else will have. Take the opportunity to experiment and perfect your carpentry skills, and don’t be afraid of making mistakes during the process!

Create DIY Wall Displays with Any Object

Let’s say you want to give your walls a makeover requiring more than just some paint coats. Let your thrifting soul go wild by creating a thematic wall. For instance, if you happen to have mismatched plates collecting dust in your kitchen, get a bunch more in garage sales, paint them in a specific color palette and create a wall display hanging beautifully at your home entrance. You can use beautiful antique spoons to create a unique collection hanging from your kitchen walls, or place clay pots hanging with different indoor plants to bring the outdoors inside and have a relaxing tone to your home décor. From delicate flowers to the famous succulents, you should pick plants according to the room’s humidity conditions and always keep in mind their sunlight and water needs.


Taking some time during the weekend to fully immerse yourself in a simple and fun DIY project can be the best way to relieve the stress of the workweek and improve your home’s décor without spending exorbitant amounts of cash. Making something from scratch should be something to be proud of, and these DIY ideas are the perfect starting point to make your house feel like a cozy home for you and your family to create beautiful memories together.