How Can Implants Help Denture Wearers?

Compared to traditional dentures, which are designed to rest on the gums, dental implant-supported dentures have improved functions. Implant-supported dentures have shown to be an effective dental treatment, especially when suffering from full or partial tooth loss.

If your jawbone is enough to support implants, then you can consider having dental implant-supported dentures. Implant-supported dentures optimize the wearers’ oral health in different ways. It restores the tooth’s chewing and biting ability, improves teeth appearance, and boosts overall mouth function. Primarily, both dental dentures and implants help improve the teeth practical usefulness and aesthetic value.

Dental implant-supported dentures can be used to replace missing natural teeth. This is why most experienced and top-rated dental clinics like Alta Canyon Dental now advise their patients to go for it. If you are in the area you should check out this Dentist In Arlington.

The benefits it offers are numerous compared to the traditional dentures, and here are some of the benefits below.

Reduces Bone Loss

When one loses natural teeth, the surrounding bone loses its function. Since these bones no longer have a functional role to play, the body gradually gets rid of them. The absence of the stimulation provided by the roots of the missing teeth can result in massive bone loss in the jaws and affect facial appearance. Due to this, dentures might not fit propely after a while and may need to be replaced. This is where implants come in. It continues to stimulate the bone cells by acting as the teeth’ roots. It also helps the jawbone surrounding them to prevent deterioration.


Being a product of the advancing art of dental aesthetics, implant-supported dentures can restore balance to a face and replace lost tissues. With it, it becomes very easy for the wearer to produce remarkable smiles, just like with natural teeth. This can improve your confidence tremendously, which can better your social skills.

Speech Improvement

When implants support the denture or bridge, it helps maintain and improve the wearer’s speech ability. Dental implants allow the tongue to move freely in the mouth without any restrictions. This allows the patient to speak normally. And also, eat more comfortably and increase your diet menu. 

Stability is Improved 

Traditional dentures are designed to rest on the gums, and a denture adhesive is used to hold them in place. Unfortunately, this denture adhesive weakens after a while, resulting in a loose denture. Due to this, the use of implant-supported dentures is preferred. Unlike traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures are fixed to the dental abutments on the dental implants. The dental implants are then fused with the jawbone. The result of this attachment is a strong denture. This makes patients feel more comfortable and eliminates the fear of their dentures falling out. 

Biting and Chewing Improvement

Chewing hard or chewy food with dentures is a bit difficult. This is because they are not rooted in the jawbone and might slip. However, with dental implants, one’s diet can include all kinds of food. You no longer have to avoid food because it is hard to chew. 


Without the periodontal membrane, dental patients will find it difficult or almost impossible to feel proprioceptive impulses. Without these impulses, the patient can not feel occlusal contacts or control occlusal forces just like they do with their natural teeth. With an implant-supported denture, patients can maintain their periodontal membrane. Loss of proprioception is difficult for a lot of people, and acceptance can be a major struggle. As such, ways to prevent its loss must be explored.

No Sore Spot

There might be inflammation and sore spots when using traditional dentures. This is because they rest on your gums. For dental implants supported dentures, this is not the case. This is because dental implant-supported dentures are made to rest on top of the dental implant post. With this, the chances of the dentures leading to sore spots on the gums are lower. 


It can be embarrassing to have your dentures shift during a conversation. Dental implants with dentures provide a permanent solution to this. It provides you the confidence you desire, especially when you are in public. 

One thing you should have in mind once you opt for dental implants supported dentures is its maintenance requirement. Although regular cleaning with special materials is not a must, users are still required to brush and floss twice a day. This is a daily oral hygiene routine that must be adhered to in order to enjoy the functions and benefits of implants supported dentures.