Great reasons to go Italian in Chipping Norton NSW

Whenever a group of friends or relatives discuss a social gathering, there will always to plenty of ideas tossed into the ring. Just how do you find something that everyone will enjoy, especially if there is a wide range of ages? Who would want to take their grandmother go-Karting for instance, even if some others fancied it, the same is youngsters would soon be bored at a whist drive.

The sensible way to go about things is to head out for a meal, with those in a certain NSW town having the great advantage to visit the best of the Chipping Norton restaurants where everyone is guaranteed to have a good time, whatever their age.

  • It would be a fruitless search to find anyone who doesn’t like eating delicious food, and that is what they will be enjoying at an establishment that captures true Italian hospitality. It is a family-owned business, with the owner learning from an early age from his mother the true tastes of his heritage. He ensures that those who enter will enjoy themselves and go away wanting to return with loved ones.
  • Those with a healthy appetite will be most impressed by the generous-sized portions of healthy and hearty food. Fresh flavours ooze out of everything that leaves the kitchen with the boss’s good lady waiting to welcome one and all to the warm and intimate atmosphere that makes dining there such a pleasurable experience. There may be some culinary influence passed on to those that decide that Croatia is a top vacation destination to try on their travels.
  • It is the perfect place to head for larger gatherings too being able to cater for functions of up to 120 people, though couples can also enjoy some special moments while enjoying their meals. The restaurant can accommodate 90 seats indoors and 50 seats outdoors while there is plentiful free parking, which is useful for those wishing to take advantage of the takeaway service.
  • Fresh local produce will tantalize the taste buds with a marvellous menu packed full of delights to choose from. Pizzas are the signature dish and continue to be immensely popular with diners. That special house-made sauce, Italian herbs and then the toppings using the finest ingredients, all go towards making this perfect Italian staple.
  • The selection of pasta also allows guests to enjoy some incredible traditional recipes. A wide range of meats are lovingly cooked to provide a wide range of choices, which includes rib eye fillet, veal fungi, chicken limone and lamb shank. Those wanting seafood can choose from barramundi, salmon, or a seafood hotpot. A visit may be perfect after a nearby day at the races.
  • Vegetarians and vegans are also well looked after with a range of dishes, including risotto, various salads, and pizza, with plenty of suitable sides to accompany the meal.

Those wishing to have a fantastic time and a wonderful Italian meal are well looked after in Chipping Norton where a welcoming family friendly atmosphere awaits all guests.