Why Croatia should be your top vacation destination

What’s the plan for your next vacation? Have you settled on a destination? If not, here are some awesome ideas. Croatia is one amazing country that is packed with recreational features. This is one of the places you can absolutely have fun and create beautiful vacation memories. If you’re still compiling your destinations-to-consider list, then you may have to put Croatia on top of it. Why just Croatia? Check this out.

Beautiful beaches


If you are the kind that enjoys basking on sandy beaches, then Croatia is best for you. There are lots of incredible beaches where you can relax and just enjoy the sea breeze. Of course there are rocky beaches too. Where you can lie on a rock and watch the beauty on water unfold. With the beaches goes water activities, like riding the jet ski or  sailing.

Sandy beaches include Bijeca, Balustrada, Komoriska, and many others. The sea water is crystal clear, giving you another reason to just stare at it in admiration. There are also beaches with warm shallow water, safe for kids. Here, your kids can really have fun and appreciate their vacation. The Queen’s beach is a perfect example. It has medicinal mud in which you can soak in for a healthy and good-looking skin.

There are restaurants and other recreational facilities where you can spend time while  on the beach.

Breathtaking parks

Croatia is a rich with national parks all around the country. These include Plitvice Lakes, Krka, Risnjak, Paklenica, and Nacionalni among many others. The Plitvice Lakes National Park is made up of turquoise-colored lakes which are arranged in cascades and separated by tufa. It also has the rarest species of animals like the brown bear.

All these parks have amazing geological features that you can stare at in astonishment. There are all breeds of animals here. The weather is awesome, making it possible for animals to survive, including the rare species. You can also enjoy watching attractive animal life such as butterflies and birds.

Amazing cities


If you want a city where everything you look at is beautiful, Croatia has it all. It is made up of incredible cities that look attractive all the time. The fine weather makes it even more appealing. Split, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Zadar, and Pula are some of the big cities in Croatia.There are awesome restaurants where you can spend time and enjoy the value of your money. You can get to enjoy the local cuisine and wine as you rest from enjoying the cultural sites.

Split is one major city where you can take a leisure walk along the clean pavements. At night, the streets are brightly lit, creating a wonderful place to hang around.

There are also cultural artifacts you shouldn’t miss.


Clearly, there is a lot of fun you can have in Croatia. This is such a wonderful destination where getting bored isn’t an option. You will enjoy every experience considering the nice features presented. We mentioned only a few, but there are still many more places you should see in Croatia. And, don’t forget to bring your camera along.