Fun Ideas for Having a Kids’ Karaoke Party

A Karaoke party is a fabulous form of celebrating any kind of festive occasion. It’s a casual and fun get-together where the guests and the hosts sing together (or take turns), and is perfect for all the age groups. Especially when it comes to kids, these parties become extra sparkly and fun. 

Fun Karaoke Party Ideas for Kids

If your little one loves to sing his favorite song in the shower and groove along, look no more! There are a lot of fun karaoke party ideas for kids. From a cozy setup of a singing competition to an outdoors superhero-themed event, we’ve got it all covered! Let’s take a look at some of the best karaoke party ideas for kids. 

1. Guess the Singer

Write down the names of famous singers on the sticky notes and paste them on the back of every kid, as he arrives. No one should be able to see which rock star they’ve got. Later, when all the kids arrive, they can play the guessing game in teams. Each player would try to guess the singer whose name is pasted on his back, with hints given by his teammates. 

To make this game more fun, kids can also ask each other about the famous songs, awards, or any other characteristic of the singer they’ve got, and thus guess the singer in the process. Whoever guesses his or her singer in 5 minutes, that kid should be gifted with a lot of sweets or some other prize. 

Since this is a kids’ party, always make sure to run the potential prizes by the parents of the kids who are in attendance. You don’t want to end up giving a kid candy when his family is very health-conscious; nor do you want to give a toy or anything that leads to a very high noise level. To make things easier, pre-choose some prizes and run them by the parents before the party. Some safe options may include a crafting kit, homemade healthy treats, etc.

2. Turn into a Swifty

Like the famous singer, Taylor Swift, who is famous for writing her lyrics, kids can also play a Swifty Game at their karaoke party. Break the kids into teams, with three kids in each team, and let them draw a song title out of a hat. You can just write any random word or group of words, and the kids have to write the lyrics surrounding that word.

All the teams will have 20 minutes to write a new song, and then perform in karaoke style. The kids can make this song a remix, a parody, or whatever their little creative heart desires. They can show off their writing skills through this competition and also have fun, singing songs, which may not make any sense to an adult! Here are some of those fun song titles that you can incorporate into the game,

  • Cooler Than Me
  • Bathroom Singer
  • Let’s Have Fun
  • Party All Night

3. Guess the Song

In this fun karaoke game, kids must be divided into teams and then those teams can guess several songs. One team will play a few seconds of a famous song, and the other team will guess the song and the singer. If they can’t guess within 10 minutes, that team will lose. However, if the team guesses it right and also performs the particular song, it’d get bonus points!

It might also be a good idea to think about what to do if the game ends up in a tie. You can keep things simple by flipping a coin or make things more interesting by having a sing-off between the team members. Each team can choose one member that the think sings the best and you can act as moderator in deciding which song they will sing. A third party (perhaps some of the adults on the venue) can then give points according to how well the chosen kids sing, how well they remember the lyrics, and so on.

4. Rock Star Themed Party

This might be one of the best and most fun karaoke party ideas for kids. Invite the kids to not only come for singing and dancing but also instruct them to dress up as their favorite rock star. If it is a Glee-themed party, kids can dress up as Sam or Fin or any other character from the show.

If it is an American Idol-themed party, they can dress up as their favorite contestant. To make this karaoke idea more interesting and fun, you, as a host, can distribute prizes for the kid that looks the most like his or her fav rock star, and wearing the most creative outfit!

5. Rap Battle

In this activity, divide the kids into small groups and let each of them draw a fun topic out of a box. They will have to create a rap in 10 to 15 minutes that must match the topic. Then, every group will perform their piece and try to make it as fun as possible. After the battle, everyone votes on the best performance, and whoever wins, gets a crown, with Rap King/Queen written over it!

In this game, kids can also dedicate their favorite songs to their friends. However, if you, as a parent, want to do that and are struggling with finding the right song, have a look at some of the best 50 songs from parent to the child

6. Superhero Karaoke

Now, this might be the most interesting and fun karaoke party idea for kids. You can send out invites for the party and mention that every kid must be dressed as his or her favorite superhero. After coming to the party, each kid must sing a song that perfectly suits the life of his/her superhero. 

For example, if a kid is dressed up as Flash, (a superhero who runs at the speed of light and can cross multiple timelines), he can sing the song Traveling at the Speed of Light by Joywave. If a kid’s favorite superhero is Batman, he can sing Impossible by James Arthur, considering the amount of difficulties batman faced while growing up.  This way, ask the kids to be creative and pick up a song that best depicts the life of their favorite superhero. 

7. Animal-Themed Party

Kids love animals and a karaoke party might be the best idea to incorporate their favorite animals. You can fill the place with cute animal prints, zebra toys, and flamingo floats. Also, make sure that music also revolves around this particular theme, by adding songs about their furry friends. To get the animal vibes going and make the kids jump with excitement, here are some songs.

  • See You Later, Alligator – Bill Haley & His Comets
  • Baby Shark – Pinkfong
  • Who Let The Dogs Out – Baha Men
  • And Dream Of Sheep – Kate Bush
  • Anaconda – Nicki Minaj
  • Eye Of The Tiger – Survivor
  • Rooster – Alice in Chains
  • Dance Monkey – Tones and I
  • The Fox – Ylvis
  • Butterfly – Mariah Carey

8. Themed Food

By singing and dancing along to the music, kids might get hungry in no time. Treat them with easy-to-eat snacks and food items. You can prepare or order music-themed food. Some of these may include,

  • Piano cake
  • Microphone cake cones
  • Guitar cake (or any customized cake according to the theme—a piano, drum, etc.)
  • Glitter frosted cupcakes with music notes drawn over them
  • A grazing board with the crackers and dips arranged in the form of a music note

9. Singing Competition

Another fun karaoke idea would be to arrange a singing competition between the kids. Divide them into several teams, and each team can sing a song of their preference. After that, every individual must vote for the best team, anonymously, and then find out the winner. The winning team must be gifted with several CDs, music-themed cushions, and snacks! Again, keep the precautions about suitable and allowed gifts in mind—at the same time making sure no kid feels left out or overly conscious about their family’s values.

10. Groovy Entrance

All the kids must not enter as they wish, but with a little groove. To make it more fun, you can print out on the invitations that every guest must enter the party with dance. Kids can also tell you their favorite song, and ask you to play that particular song at the time of their entrance. This idea will make the party so much fun and exciting for the kids!

You can also make the entrances even more exciting by introducing each kid with some rap. If you or someone at the party is good at making up rap-style lyrics, it might be possible to have such a way of welcoming each child \and getting them into the mood for the karaoke party. 

Sing Along – Make Memories

We hope that these fun karaoke party ideas for kids help you organize a nice event for your little one. Karaoke parties take a lot of effort. Make sure to research everything beforehand, be on the lookout for the decorations, venue, and invites, and last but not least make use of all the fun karaoke ideas, that align with your kid’s personality. Do not just sit back, dance along with him, sing your heart out and make a lot of memories with your ray of sunshine!

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