Fun Ideas for Parents to Surprise a Child on Their Birthday

Children love ONE thing, and that’s getting an extraordinary surprise on their birthdays. The birthdays hold a special meaning for everyone, especially kids, who look forward to this day, with their whole hearts. However, if you’re tired of the mainstream birthday surprise ideas, and don’t want to bake a cake, or sing a birthday song for your child this year, don’t panic. We’ve got you! Have a look at our fun yet meaningful birthday surprise ideas that will make your child feel special and loved! 

1. Surprise in Bed

Mostly, a child doesn’t expect a birthday surprise first thing in the morning. Therefore, he’ll have no clue. You can call all of his friends and invite them in the morning. When your child is still asleep, you can manage to decorate the home and bring in all the accessories. Then, along with his friends, you can surprise him in the bed, with the cake. He may be in shock for a while, but seeing his parents, and friends wishing him early morning will surely make him feel special. Later on, you can cut the cake and even plan some activities that your child and his friends will love! 

2. Go Camping

What other way to spend your child’s birthday than having a lot of bonding time together, as a family. If your child loves staying outdoors, you can surprise him with a camping trip. In case you can’t seem to find decent camping sites, make use of your backyard. Another fun option is to rent an RV for some time and stay in the local campground. To make this time more special, you can take away phones from all the family members, and try to cook together, play boarding games, and roast marshmallows. 

3. An Off from School 

This may seem like a not-so-good idea to most parents, but if there is ONE thing that your child wants all the time, it’s an OFF from school/college. Taking a leave once a year won’t hurt anyone but it’ll make your child the happiest. It’s your child’s right to get spoiled on his birthday. You, as parents, can also take off from your offices and spend quality time together. 

4. Visit Grandparents 

Mostly, because of the hustle and bustle of the city life and living away from their grandparents, children often miss their grandparents and can’t visit them. Your child’s birthday is a perfect occasion to reunite the three generations and spend some quality time together. The loving and compassionate nature of grandparents always makes the children feel happy and loved. It’ll not also be a great birthday surprise, but seeing that you made an extra effort, your child will feel the love and affection. 

5. Amusement Park

Make your child’s birthday a thrilling and fun ride, by taking him to an amusement park. He’ll surely be thrilled to eat all the delicious foods, have fun at dangerous yet fun rides and maybe dislocate your bone with their bumper cars!! 

Growing up, if there’s one thing that most children wanted, was to witness their parents as carefree humans and not just parents. Therefore, make sure that you’re not there just for the sake of it. Try to have fun with your child, engage in every fun activity with him, and make him feel that this day is equally special for you too! 

6. Birthday Scavenger Hunt

To prolong the gift opening experience, arrange an exciting scavenger hunt in your house, where the child has to follow certain rules, to end up at the final birthday present. To make this idea more fun, you can also invite his friends and they can look for it together. For each hurdle that they cross, there must be a little present, and the final gift should be revealed after completing the treasure hunt. 

7. A Birthday Video

If there’s one benefit of living in the tech era, it’s the ability to capture a lot of memories. You too can find a lot of such photos of your child, for example, when he started walking, cried on the first day at school, called your name for the first time, or chanted your name in a sports competition. There are a lot of memorable moments that you must’ve captured. Make a wholesome birthday video for your child and surprise him by playing it at the party, or to make it a more personal moment, you can also watch it as a family when the guests are gone! 

In case you’re clueless about which song to add to your video, have a look at some song ideas for children’s birthday and special occasion slideshows!

8. Watch Their Favorite Movie

Make it a fun and family movie night!! Let your kid choose his favorite film, even if it’s the one all of you watched the gazillion times. You can curl up together as a family. However, if your child is having an extravagant birthday party, a movie is still an excellent idea that’ll calm down those hyped kids and balance the excitement of the big day! 

9. Write a Birthday Letter

Writing a birthday letter may not be the top exciting surprise for your child’s birthday, but it’ll be a meaningful one. You can note down all of his happy, excited, and sad moments from the past year and comment on all of them, i.e., applauding him for good academic results, appreciating him for taking the failures with a strong heart, and being a nice child throughout. You can post this letter to your home and let your child receive it, to make it more exciting and fun.

This letter will make him feel that he’s not alone, and his parents are with him every step of the way, who cares about him and won’t let him go through hard circumstances alone. Also, appreciating children for behaving a certain way also imparts a sense of right and wrong. He’ll come to know the importance of his actions, which will eventually help him become a better human in the future. 

10. Lunch Box Surprise

In case your kid’s birthday is on a weekday, and he can’t skip school for some reason, you can prepare a lunch box surprise. Fill the box with his favorite dishes and snacks and a heartfelt birthday note. Do not just say “happy birthday”, but be creative, and let your child know how special he is to you. You can also tease him about the remaining surprises he’ll find at home, after coming back from school.

Your Child Must be spoiled… At His Birthday Of course!

Whether your child is about to turn 11 or 21 this year, celebrate his birthday with enthusiasm, and don’t forget to spoil him for one day. Research some new and exciting birthday surprise ideas and make use of the best one, that’ll make him feel your love. Whether it’s something extraordinary like a gigantic birthday party, or something as minimal as a birthday dinner, make sure that it’s meaningful and makes your child feel special and loved on his special day!!