Features to Look for in a Cat Toy

Cats love to play, that’s a fact, but what you didn’t realize is that you can’t just buy them any old toy and expect them to know what to do with it, how to play it, or even expect them to like it. You need to make sure that all of the toys you are getting for your cat are actually going to make sense and be something that they want to use.

Thankfully, there are plenty of cat toys out there, and not just the ones you can find in your garbage or blue bin for them to mess about with. If you need to figure out how to find out if your cat’s toys have the right features.


You want to make sure that your cat’s toys are going to stand the test of time, or play, so they need to be durable. If you have an indoor feline, then cat toys for indoor cats will be much less able to handle the wear and tear of the elements if left outdoors. Inversely, durable toys that can stand the test of time outdoors will be okay indoors but they might be too rough on your floors, so it is best to get the durability that corresponds with how your cat likes to live and play.

Can Play With It Independently

Another big need to look for in your cats’ toys is if they can play with them independently. You might not always be at home to give them the attention they need and deserve, so the best way to allow them to play is by providing them with toys that they can use on their own. This means toys that can light up or roll which gives them some excitement on their own.


Any good cat toy should contain some good materials too. You want to make sure that there are no plastics in the toy that can be harmful to your cat, nor do you want any unnatural materials that could be bad long term, which coincidentally, are almost all plastics. The best materials are natural ones like wool or feathers which can make them easier to play with and much better for their teeth and health. The right materials can make your cats’ toys much more pleasant for them.

No Loose Pieces

On the topic of materials, you want to be sure that the toys you are getting for your cat aren’t prone to pieces breaking off or getting ingested by them. Loose strings, breakable pieces of plastics, and other parts that can become dislodged from the main toy can end up in your cat’s mouth which they could then swallow. Obviously, you know that choking is a hazard for a cat because of their delicate physical makeup, so try to find toys that aren’t going to fall apart and won’t end up becoming hazards for their health.

Attractive Qualities

What exactly do attractive qualities mean? Well, a good cat toy is one that is going to be appealing to them. This could mean that the toy is reminiscent of prey so they feel compelled to play with it more, or it could be that it is shiny. Cats need toys that appeal to their desires so you need to make sure that your cat is getting actual play value out of them. The independent toys they can play with, which include ones that light up, are also some that will definitely attract their attention as well. But when in doubt, shiny toys will always be a good call.

Easy to Play With

Another factor for good cat toys is finding ones that are easy to play with. If they can play with them independently, that’s excellent, same with toys that mimic things they want to play with like prey mimicking toys. No glued-on parts either is a must because while these can be cheaper, they will more than likely result in something unfortunate for their digestive tract. Easy to play with toys that are not too complicated and ones that they are drawn to. The most important factor is that they can carry them easily in their mouths, which makes it a much easier toy to play with.

Easy to Play With

Getting the right toys for your cat can make all the difference in their playtime. When you look at this list of features to search for, you can see how much actually goes into looking for the right playthings. Use this list to help you get the best toys possible for your feline pal.