Easy christmas teacher gift

When I used to teach preschool, my favorite holiday gifts were ones that were useful (i.e. Starbucks gift cards), and ones that were sentimental (i.e. a homemade craft from the child).  Now that I’m on the giver end of teacher gifts, I like to combine both of these types of gifts.  This year I created a simple gift using items you may already have around your home, or you can purchase for under $3.  The prices will vary depending on the store, but if you shop at a dollar store or a store such as Big Lots or Walgreens, the prices will match with what I have listed.  As with every other project I undertake, it is incredibly easy and quick.  Here it is!

  • Christmas mug: A mug is multipurpose for a teacher. Not only it is used to drink beverages, but teachers use them in the classroom and staffroom to stock pencils, colors and stationery. A nice Christmas mug with your child’s thumbprint or signature will be a customized useful gift.
  • Flower seeds: It is very rewarding to tell your child’s teacher that she helps your child grow and what could be a better way than to give flower seeds. As the plant will grow, it will remind the teacher of their contribution to your child’s life
  • Holiday-themed chocolate: Christmas for many is incomplete without chocolates and if your child’s teacher is a sweetheart, she definitely deserves some holiday-themed chocolates.
  • Mason jars: For a cool teacher, a Mason jar cup filled with cookies or candies is a fair treat that will cheer him or her up.
  • Stationery: While this is the most common gift idea but I find this a very useful as well. A pack of sharpie markers or pens with a customized note saying, “you taught me to write” will be an emotional tagline for the teacher. Another option to consider is personalized memo pads.
  • Cozy blanket: Christmas brings holidays and what’s better than giving a beautiful cozy blanket to the teacher so that she can enjoy the holidays with warmth and love.
  • New Years’ organizer: With Christmas comes the New Year and one of the handiest and most useful things you can give to a teacher is a daily organizer. Depending on the teacher’s personality, you’ll find some cute ones and some made of leather. Not only will they like it but they will keep it for the next whole year.
  • Homemade jam or jelly: If you know how to make homemade jam or jelly, you can simply make one with your teacher’s favoriteflavor and gift it her with a handwritten note.
  • Handmade soaps and creams: If your teacher is a female, you can also gift her pack of handmade soap or cream. Anything natural with fruity, flowery fragrance will simply lighten her mood.
  • Homemade cookies and cakes: There is nothing more special than something made at home with sheer love. Some oatmeal or chocolate cookies with coffee will give your teacher a relaxing time
  • Star ornament: Instructions for making star ornament: you will need to cut out two equal-size small stars from poster board. I like to use a cookie cutter to create the star shape, but you can also print one off, cut around it, and use the cutout as a template.  You then have your child decorate both sides of each star however he or she would like, using paint, markers, or stickers.  Cut a slit in each star that reaches about 2/3 of the way to the middle of the star.  Connect the two stars by sliding the slits together.  Punch a hole in the top of one of the stars, put a ribbon (about 3 inches long) through the hole and then tie the ribbon – this will create the hook to hang the ornament on a tree.

Customize your gift:

Although whatever you choose to gift will be according to the teacher’s needs and preference, it is always nice to attach a customized note or message. This shows that you have made an effort to personalize the gift and the note can always be with the teacher. Visit Zen Engravings for personalized bookmarks as gifts for students and teachers. You may wrap the gift with some paper and then type or handwrite a small sheet that says the following:

I wanted to get you a….

  • Mug because you fill me with knowledge,
  • Seeds because you help me grow,
  • Chocolate because you’re always sweet,
  • Coffee because you’re full of energy,
  • And a star because you brighten my day.
  • Thanks for being a great teacher!
  • You made me who I am today!
  • You can also get something custom printed from ranchobernardo-ca.minutemanpress.com/ as another option.

I like to print this out, cut it with scissors that create a design when cutting, then cut out a piece of construction paper that’s slightly larger with the same scissors.  Tape or glue the paper with the message onto the paper with the construction paper.

If you are giving her something that has empty space, for instance, a mug or a jar etc., you can fill it with seeds, chocolate, coffee, and ornament.  Give this and the message to the teacher and he or she will be thrilled!


No more worries to choose what to buy and from where to buy. These gifts are easily available in the market as well as on amazon. They are pocket friendly and pretty much valuable for a teacher to use in their daily life. Just grab one, wrap it nicely, put a note and you are ready with a nice Christmas gift.