Best Interactive Christmas Websites For Kids

Best interactive christmas websites for kidsI’ve got to hand it to some people – they are more creative than I will ever be.  Some very inventive (and tech-savvy!) people have created some awesome interactive Christmas websites that kids love.  Here are my favorite ones (and of course, these are all free) so feel free to use them:

Why Christmas:

There is certainly a lot that we want to tell our kids about Christmas. It’s either lack of time or lack of information that we give them just a handful of information. This interesting website, Why Christmas is a very informative platform for parents to help children know all about Christmas, including the history, customs and traditions. There are also fun-filled activities for kids to enjoy.

Portable North Pole:

This website is a child favorite.  Anyone can create a personalized video from Santa to a child with the child’s name, picture, good behavior, bad behavior, and day to day life.  The child then gets an email from Santa that shows the special video, made just for him or her.  He even takes you on a tour of the North Pole.  The video can be from a friend, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher, anyone!  I’m not going to say anymore, because I don’t want to ruin all the fun!

Jib Jab – Elf Yourself:

Most people have seen this site, but it’s so great that it’s worth mentioning.  If you haven’t yet seen this, please stop what you’re doing and go to this website.  You can put your own pictures into hilarious holiday-themed music videos and watch your characters dance around.

Take a tour of Santa’s village – you can go to the Game Room to play Christmas games, visit the reindeer in their barn, sing songs, spend time in Elf school, send a letter to Santa, and much more.  Parents and kids can spend a lot of time on this site.

Similar to, but with different activities.  Here you can get a letter or phone call from Santa Claus, track Santa Claus on the Norad Tracker, read the North Pole Times, chat with elves, check the Naughty or Nice list, and visit the elves’ workshop.

North Pole:

At this website, kids can watch the disco dancing Santa, have a Christmas story created where they are the main character, print a Good Deeds calendar, and send Christmas e-cards to loved ones.  There are also a lot of activities for parents and teachers.


This interactive website is not games and activities but also music, TV shows, movies and recipes to make Christmas time super fun. Ask for more and it gives you ideas for gifts, Christmas crafts, graphics and a lot more. A one-stop link for kids and adults.

Email Santa:

Maybe it’s time for kids to write an email and not a letter to Santa, yes that’s right. Santa now reads email and you can write to him about your wish list by simply going on this website.

Christmas Countdown

tired of telling your kids how far is Christmas? Let this website do it for you. From months to days, hours to minutes and seconds, this website will track down Christmas for you, keeping the curiosity intact.


This website from the North American Defense Command will track where Santa is so that you can show your kids where flies and skies. I bet you, this is an exciting watch for your kids.

Image of Santa and a dog

Benefits of Interactive Christmas Websites for Your Kids

1. Improves digital literacy

One of the primary benefits of interactive websites is that they increase your child’s digital literacy skills. As they face the computer, tablet, or smartphone to watch videos, play games, and do other activities available on these sites, they not only have fun but also develop their skills in using computer systems and software. That’s something valuable in this day and age and something that your child can use in the future.

2. Encourage and enhances creativity 

As interactive websites are commonly visual and hands-on, they will allow your kids’ creative juices to flow. From playing fun Christmas games, writing letters to Santa, tracking his whereabouts, and making e-cards for friends and family, these sites will pique your little ones’ curiosity and give them a chance to exercise their creative thinking and imagination.

An image of Santa holding a gift inside the laptop screen

3. Develops hand-eye coordination

Interactive websites do more than just provide entertainment to your kids. Your children will have to use the keyboard and mouse while simultaneously looking at the screen. Thus, helping develop their hand-eye coordination. Such skill is important in daily tasks like grasping objects, eating, and cooking. Plus, it’s also vital if they want to engage in sports and learn how to play musical instruments.

4. Boost memory and concentration

Another benefit of interactive for kids is that they boost your kids’ memory and concentration. Some games and activities require the utmost focus while taking in much information in order to win or complete the task, boosting your kid’s ability to concentrate. If they play regularly under your proper supervision, it also helps enhance their short and long-term memory and stimulate brain activity for better learning abilities.

5. Practice decision-making and problem-solving skills

Various games from interactive websites like puzzles, mysteries, or managing towns require your kids to answer questions or solve tasks to complete the game. Some of them even have a time limit, needing your child to analyze, strategize, and be quick in making decisions and solving problems. While they do these in a virtual environment, these challenges already help your kids learn new skills in critical thinking and be better at it in real life.

6. Sparks new interests

Interactive websites let kids enjoy topics, stories, and events in a unique, more entertaining, and engaging way. So, if there are particular areas that your children find enjoyable, these interactive websites open up a new world for your kids and spark new interests, allowing them to enjoy it finally.

Internet Safety

While interactive websites are fun and beneficial for your kids, it is a must that you take these necessary steps to ascertain their internet safety:

1. You should advise your kids not to provide any personal information like their name, age, address, contact number, and location.

2. It is best to use the internet with your kids. Let them navigate but make you oversee them and ensure they’re using it appropriately.

3. See to it that everything is appropriate for their age and that they aren’t being exposed to themes, languages, and topics that aren’t suitable for them.

4. Decide on a game plan or rules of use, such as the length of use, time to use, not opening unknown emails, and reporting anything they think is scary or inappropriate.

5. Take advantage of parental control software to block certain sites, restrict the duration of use, and monitor browsing history, all ensuring your child’s safety online.


Christmas is a time to cherish, celebrate for the family but for kids, it means holidays. For me, the time when kids are at home is obviously the most awaited and amazing but also very tiring where I have to keep them engaged in activities. These websites have been a big help to me. My kids stay at home, right in front of my eyes and don’t complain that they are getting bored and have nothing to do.