DIY Pacifier Clip

For first time mothers, it is essential to have pacifier clips to avoid frequent pacifier sterilizing. It is a normal to have days where most babies play with their pacifiers and throw them at germ-infested places; however, it is stressful.DIY Pacifier Clip

Some mothers tried the ‘easy yet really dangerous’ way to keep pacifiers from missing: pinning it on their baby’s clothing using safety pins. To avoid possible mishaps and safety pin accidents, there are better alternatives that first time mothers can consider. Similar tips and baby tutorials are circularized in several online communities at and online websites for women such as tipjunkie. A great DIY Pacifier Clip below is few of the safest ‘must-have’ accessories:

What you need:

  • Fabric of any kind
  • Ribbon or Bias tape (preferably 6 inches for each pacifier clip)
  • Suspender clips (also available in several craft stores normally come in two per pack)


  • First, fold the fabric in half and stitch with ½ inch seam margin.
  • Second, turn it right side out and press the allowance in the middle.
  • Insert 1 ½ inches of the fabric through the suspender clip.
  • Next, turn under ½ inch of the end then pin.
  • Then sew with a straight stitch to hold it in place.
  • On the other end, fold over ¼ inch of the fabric and insert 6 inches of ribbon, folded in half.
  • Finally, stitch close to the edge to close the end and keep the ribbon in place.

You can also attach toys and teethers, in case your baby begins to grow teeth. Just simply insert and sew the ribbon through one of the tiny holes. Plus you can sew laces, ruffles with bows to add style if you desire to make really girly versions.

Don’t want to make your own – hover here for more ideas.