Crafty dry erase boards for kids rooms

I recently started using dry erase boards in my kids’ bedrooms to leave them reminders, write notes, and stay organized.  It has not only made my life easier, but my kids love it!  Once it became clear that they were going to be in the rooms for a while, I decided to make them nicer looking.

Here is my daughter’s, with instructions on how to make one.  The categories that I used are Reminders, Great Job On…, Quote of the Week, and Extra.  You can also create categories such as Notes, Homework, Schedule This Week, Let’s Work On…, Goals, and Rules.  Have fun with it!

Items you will need: a large picture frame (you can use dry erase marker on the glass), alphabet stickers, background design (I used wrapping paper, you can also use scrapbook paper or fabric), and decorations (I used stickers, but I would suggest raiding the scrapbook aisle of a craft store).  In this picture, the sports stickers are for the board I’m making my son.

Take apart the picture frame.  Cut out a piece of the wrapping paper (or scrapbook paper/fabric) so that it’s the same size as the glass and frame backing.  Using marker, divide it into sections, one for each category you’d like to include on the board.

Label each category using the alphabet stickers.

Decorate the board however you would like using the stickers and scrapbooking materials.

Use a dry erase marker to fill in each category.  I change my kids’ boards weekly.

I hope this was helpful to you!  I’ve found that using this board makes my kids more accountable for what they are doing that week.  When my three year-old needs to remember something she’ll say, “let’s write it on my board!”.    As the kids get older, you can change the categories also.  Please leave me a comment to let me know how you plan to use your kids board!