10 different ideas for mommydaughter day

A while ago, my daughter and I had a Mommy/Daughter day, and I realized that we were both getting sick of the same old dinner and a movie, or the kids’ places that we go to for birthday parties. So, I came up with 10 new ideas that sounded more memorable. We started doing these, and have had a lot more fun. Don’t forget your Mommy/Daughter day mixed CD (see this post!).

  1. Surprise someone you both know at his or her home or office.  It will make your daughter feel special that someone was so excited to see her!
  2. Find out when and where the flash mobs are taking place in your area.  You should be able to do this with a quick Google search.  Don’t tell your daughter though, let it be a surprise.
  3. Pick out things at the dollar store for each other.  You each have a $5 spending limit and buy little gifts for each other.
  4. Spend a whole afternoon baking, and then bring your goodies to friends and family.
  5. Attend a class at your local craft store.  Usually these stores offer one-time classes such as cake decorating or pottery.
  6. Pack up outdoor toys and activities and spend a day at the park.  You can bring sidewalk chalk, a jump rope, roller skates, and a bouncy ball.  You can also play red light green light, and tag.  You can bring a lot of books too, and end the day reading together.
  7. Attend a local high school sports event or play.  If your daughter is interested in gymnastics, bring her to a high school gymnastics meet.  They are less expensive than college-level or professional-level, and your daughter probably won’t notice the difference.
  8. Buy some flowers and hand them out to people.  You can bring them to a nursing home, a hospital, or just a local grocery store.
  9. Write a book together.  Have one person start the story, and then take turns writing the next “part” of the story.  Write it down, and draw pictures to go with it.  Then make a copy so that you each have one.
  10. Spend some time outdoors.  You can go for an easy hike, or a horseback ride.

I hope these gave you some new ideas for your next Mommy/Daughter day!  These should make for a very memorable day for both of you.