Can You Turn Your Shed into a Home Office?

Because of the global pandemic that started to occur in 2020, many companies have started implementing a work-at-home strategy that allowed their employees to work at several office-related tasks in the comfort of their homes. Working at home prevented people from having any risks of getting sick due to being outside while commuting or driving to work. Because the work-at-home situation has been quite common in recent times, there have been many homeowners that have transformed the empty spaces of their house into a home office where they can work peacefully without any distractions.

Most people would transform an empty guest bedroom into their home office, while others would usually incorporate their office in their bedroom to maximize the space. But if you don’t have any more space at home but you have an empty shed in the backyard, can you turn the shed into a home office or simply build a new one?

How to Transform Your Shed into a Home Office

So, is it actually possible to transform your shed into a home office? The short answer is yes, you can. But the long answer is that you would need to do a lot of work for the shed to turn into a fully functioning home office. These are some steps that you need to follow to properly renovate your shed and make it into a cozy office space.

Install New Doors and Windows

It is common for most sheds to have vintage or old doors and windows, which is why sheds would often have bad air circulation since the air can easily escape and get into the room since the doors and windows are loosely fitted. So, the first step for the shed to turn into a real home office is to replace the old doors or windows with new ones that are fitted properly and are more secure, much like the ones that are found in most Hobart Sheds. Buy the doors that already come with a secure lock, and then buy windows that will fit properly on the areas where they need to be placed. Of course, you will need to perform some modifications to the areas where you need to fit the doors and windows, so make sure that they will fit securely without any holes or gaps in order to properly circulate air inside the room.

Add Drywall and Insulation

For the shed to keep warm during the colder seasons and have a stable temperature during warmer seasons, it needs to have some proper drywall and insulation. Before adding drywall, you must first add some insulation on the existing walls, but do be careful in applying insulation as they can be irritating to the skin. Once the walls and other areas of the shed are covered with insulation, it is now time to put up drywall on top of the insulation. There are many types of drywall that you can apply to your shed, including drywall that is resistant to mildew or molds and drywall that is fire-resistant, and it is up to you on which type would be more suitable for your home office.

Get Some Electricity in the Shed

shed in the garden

Of course, if you want the computer to run while you are working on office tasks, you will need some more electricity in the shed. Talk to your local electrician so that you can get a new electrical line installed on your shed. The electricity will not only be used for your computer but also for the lighting, the Wi-Fi router, and many more appliances and computer accessories. Don’t ever try installing a new electrical line on your own, as electricity has certain dangers that only a professional electrician can handle. As previously stated, contact a local electrician to get an electrical line installed properly in your home office.

Personalize the Room

After getting the difficult steps above done, you can start personalizing the home office by applying paint on the walls and by having matching furniture. You can put curtains on the windows so that you can control how much sunlight is getting into your home office, and you can also apply carpet to the floor to have a more comfortable item to stand on. Furthermore, you also have the option to laminate your flooring to prevent any splinters from appearing on your wooden floor, or you can also add composite decking to have a more durable and sturdier floor. You can check out the sheds for sale online to get more inspiration on how to decorate your home office shed.

Just follow the steps written above, and you will surely have an easier and more convenient time transforming your old shed into a new home office that is cozy to work in. Be sure to have the budget to do all of these renovations so that you won’t get stuck with an unfinished shed.