Best Online Learning Games for Kids

Nowadays, most kids will want a tablet to play games or watch videos of cartoons or animations that they immensely love.  However, you may be seeking apps that will keep learning and growing their skills till they hire someone to write college essay when adults and there are various options to choose. With the great learning apps available for kids, your kids will have a unique, fun, and exciting learning experience. Here are some of the online learning games and apps that are helpful for your kids.

1. Math apps

Using math games apps, your kids can discover mathematical concepts and build on their mathematical skills. The math apps have games and exercises for all age groups; thus, they can be played by kids and adults.

  • Bedtime Math

The games application is available for iOS and Android devices. The app creates a pleasant bonding experience between you and your child.  It is free with daily world problems for your children to solve any time they wish to play.

  • DragonBox Numbers

DragonBox Numbers has numbers, addition, and subtraction operations for young children between 4 and 8 years. The math learning aids in the games make it easy for you to introduce your child to arithmetic operations using cute characters.

2. Coding apps

There are many coding apps for kids that they can use as early as when in preschool. They are easy ways to get your child started with coding and gaining background as they grow up.

  • Lightbot

The online gaming app introduces your kid to coding language by helping them learn basic commands, loops, and conditional statements.

  • ScratchJr

ScratchJr app allows your child to learn through trial and error by creating animations and experimenting. The kids can quickly start learning how to animate characters and build storylines.

3. Science and exploration apps

The best science and exploration apps provide your kid with information in the field of anatomy, the space, and the natural world. With the app, kids can quickly get to learn more profound concepts surrounding these fields of study.

  • The Human Body

The online learning games provide an opportunity for your child to interact with what is inside their body using images that are real and not cartoonish. They can learn about body function, systems, and other organs.

  • Toca Nature

Toca Nature provides an opportunity to explore the natural world. It gives room for observation of wildlife, alteration of terrain, feeding their explorative mind with quality information.

4. Social and emotional learning applications

They aim at creating and building self-awareness, communication skills, empathy, and other relevant skills essential in fostering relationships with others.

  • A Kid’s Diary

The game prompts your kid to learn to document their thoughts, passions, and feelings using pictures, photos, or videos. Children can explore their self-expression mechanisms and learn to share their thoughts and feelings.

  • Toca Tea Party

It is an imaginative game with an asset table with drinks and treats meant for imaginative playing. It creates a learning experience based on building the imaginative skills of your child.

5. Ebook app

Ebook apps provide resource materials in the form of books covering all subjects you may think of for your kids to read. Whether young in preschool or elementary school, there will always be a book for them.

  • Epic! Ebook subscription

The app allows your child to choose a book from 35,000 book options at a low cost charged monthly. Regular updates provide more materials to choose from ensuring your kid does not lack the titles that they are most interested in.


Assignment Help Online can help your kids and provide them with a unique learning experience to keep them motivated to learn. The apps should engage them and encourage interaction with other kids and adults outside the app to ensure proper learning.