Easy Card Tricks That Will Impress Your Friends

Whether you are bored at home or want to impress your friends at a party, learning an easy card trick will resolve both queries. This may also help you rekindle your old passion of becoming a magician and performing tricks in public. It’s not too late; by learning some easy and affordable ways to perform magic, you can live your dream. One of the quickest ways to learn magic tricks is learning the right way to use and manipulate playing cards. Moreover, they are easy to carry at any event too. Here are some card tricks that will definitely impress your friends and make you the star of any gathering.

Trick 1: The Fourth Card

  1. Shuffle a deck of cards and divide it in half. Let’s call them Pile A and Pile B, respectively.
  2. Now, take a look at the fourth card of Pile B and predict the fourth card in Pile A, which will turn out to be the same card you intended.
  3. The trick is really simple. When you hand the cards to the spectator and flip them over to give them a look, spread the cards and remember the fourth card from the top. Let’s say the card is Ace of Spades.
  4. Reshuffle the cards such that the first four cards stay in the same place while your spectator is convinced that the deck is properly shuffled.
  5. When you cut the deck in half and the Ace of Spades is in Pile B, take a look at the fourth card in Pile A and say, “I can tell that the fourth card in Pile B is the Ace of Spades”. You may need some practice and fluidity to quickly see and recall the card on time without being caught.

Trick 2: Find My Card

  1. Shuffle the deck and divide it in half. Give one half to your friend and ask them to select a card without showing it to you. Select a card from your deck and place it upside down on the table. Exchange the selected cards without looking at them.
  2. Gather both halves and shuffle the deck again. Return one half of the deck to your friend and keep the other half. Look at your friend’s chosen card that is placed upside down on the table and place it back at a random position in your deck. Ask your friend to do the same with your chosen card and swap both decks.
  3. Now, ask your friend to pick your chosen card from the deck and you will see that they will pick the exact card that you chose in the beginning. You, too, will randomly pick a card from your deck that will be your friend’s chosen card. Now, how is this possible? You need a set of marked poker cards to do this trick. This will help you tell the hidden face from the back of the card. 
  4. Now, the critical part of this trick is when your friend picks a card and places it upside down on the table. Look at the back (printed) side of the marked card that indicates its suit and number to determine the card your friend picked. Let’s say the backside is printed with a Six of Hearts. 
  5. When it is time to reveal the card, go through the deck and find the Six of Hearts and place it in front of your friend. When you ask them to pick a card you chose, quickly scan the number on the backside as soon as they place it upside down and declare the exact number and suit. Upon revealing both cards, your friend will be utterly shocked and impressed and you can even give then prizes from the Pokémon Store.

Trick 3: Do the Math

  1. Divide a deck of cards into two parts with 26 cards in each pile. Ask one of your friends to shuffle the other half of the deck and place it on the table. While keeping one pile aside, cut the other half to further divide it into two halves. Let’s say the piles are A and B for better understanding.
  2. Hold the other pile with 26 cards in your hand and ask your friend to choose a card. Once they see and remember the card, place it at the bottom of the pile without seeing it. Place this pile on top of pile A and hold the new deck in your hand.
  3. Now, swipe the first and last cards together from the deck in a sliding motion and place them on the table. Repeat until you have no cards left in your hand. To make it more interesting, make up a story about your new shuffling style.
  4. Pick the other deck and count the number of cards in the pile. Let’s say you have 14 cards in that pile. Go back to the other pile that you just shuffled and find the 14th card from the top. This will be the same card your friend picked in the beginning.
  5. Whenever you do this trick, follow the same process and count the exact number of cards that are left in pile B to pick the intended card.

Trick 4: Stop

  1. Shuffle a deck of cards and ask the spectator to say “Stop” as you keep placing the cards on the table one by one. The trick is to identify the card and declare it before revealing it.
  2. Before you perform the trick, turn half the deck upside down or flip it such that the other half faces towards it. Take a look at the first card on the deck. Let’s say it is the Nine of Clubs.
  3. Flip the deck upside down such that the faces are not visible and keep placing the cards on the table one by one. Ask the spectator to say “Stop”. Meanwhile, engage them in a conversation while sneakily flipping the deck in your hand. When you reveal the first card, it will be the first card on the deck, which was the Nine of Clubs.

Card Tricks

These four simple card tricks will definitely make you the ‘magician’ of your social gathering and impress your friends. To perform every card trick with fluidity and speed, you need consistent practice. Since all of these tricks are easy to perform, you will quickly catch up and become a pro in no time. Lastly, invest in a pair of high-quality cards to make swift movements and smoothly shuffle the deck. This will also help you enhance your hand gestures and make the tricks more effective.