Best Forms of Online Entertainment for Moms

Parents don’t just take care of the house, work in the office, or prepare meals for the family, as they also have free time to do things that they like, such as practicing different hobbies, going to events, or just hanging out with friends or fellow parents. For moms, having free time is quite rare, but it is important for them to spend that free time rather than waste it. Fortunately, there are many activities and hobbies that they can do during their days off or whenever they are free, but sometimes, those activities won’t be viable if they won’t be able to go outside.

But, at home, they can rely on different forms of online entertainment to enjoy their free time. For those that aren’t familiar with the term “online entertainment,” here are the best forms of it for moms so that you can have a better understanding of what it truly is.

Online Casino

One of the most rewarding types or forms of online entertainment is online gambling, wherein you can play different kinds of casino games on the internet without the need to visit or enter a land-based casino. So, online casinos are a hassle-free and convenient way of playing your favorite casino games in the comfort of your home.

There are plenty of online casinos available on the web, but there are only a handful of websites that are considered the best by many expert online players. Make sure that you play in the best and most trusted online casinos to have a more enjoyable experience and for you to have a chance to play great games like Dolphin’s Pearl and more.

Online Sports Betting

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Similar to casinos, sports betting has also become quite popular in the online world, which is why there are now dozens of different sports betting websites on the internet. For moms that like to watch sports, they can earn a little bit of money for the hobby they enjoy doing by simply betting on their favorite teams or players.

Video Streaming

Video streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok are also forms of online entertainment. These apps or websites contain different types and genres of videos, like tutorials, interviews, and compilations. If you want to learn how to cook a specific dish, you can simply watch a YouTube video that will show you a step-by-step guide on how to prepare the dish.

If you are a mom that likes video games, you can watch live streams on Twitch that shows other players playing your favorite games or games that you don’t know about. Also, you have the option or chance of uploading your videos and live streams on these platforms if you want to share your knowledge on a certain hobby or if you want others to watch you enjoy playing video games online.

Movie and TV Show Streaming

Besides normal videos, you can also watch movies and TV shows on streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+, which contain exclusive content as well as past TV shows and movies that people haven’t seen yet or would want to watch again. So, if you want to watch a new show or a movie in the 90s that you haven’t seen, you can check out the streaming platforms mentioned above.

These streaming apps or websites also allow you to have a movie night with friends or family members without the need to go to the cinema, so you can just enjoy watching different genres of movies at home and just prepare snacks.

Music Streaming

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In addition to video, movie, and TV show streaming platforms, there are platforms like Spotify where you can stream music from your favorite bands, artists, and soundtracks. Music streaming platforms are relatively easy to use, as all you have to do is to create an account, subscribe to full membership, and automatically play your favorite tracks. You have the option of not subscribing to a full membership (which requires payment), but you won’t be able to choose the music you’d like to play since the playlist will always be on shuffle.

Moreover, some music streaming platforms also have podcasts, which are basically radio stations where you can select which episodes you’d like to listen to. If you want to listen to interviews or people talking about their hobbies and things they are interested in, then you should take a look at podcasts on music streaming platforms.

Social Media

The simplest form of online entertainment is social media, which is composed of different apps, websites, and platforms that will allow you to connect with friends and loved ones and share stories and special events on the internet. While it is not technically “entertaining” at its core, social media platforms would have pages or accounts that are focused on bringing entertainment to followers.

These entertainment pages post photos about pets, dishes, and other happy and uplifting stories around the world. In addition, you can also be entertained on social media by simply using the chat function and having fun talking to your friends or family members.

Mobile Games

Mobile games are getting more and more popular nowadays, and many iconic franchises like Pokémon and Final Fantasy now have mobile games in their catalog in order to appeal to a new audience or consumer. Many mobile games are played online, so you will need to have a stable internet connection in order to play with friends or strangers.

However, there are some mobile games that are single-player, meaning that you won’t have to fight or challenge other people in the game, but it would still require you to connect to the internet. Online casinos also have a mobile version of their website where you can play exclusive games using your phone’s touchscreen.

Online Shopping

Shopping using a phone app

Shopping online is another activity that’s both fun and productive. First, it’s very convenient as you no longer have to find time in your busy schedule to run errands and find a babysitter to attend to your kid while you’re out.

Online shopping can also be an enjoyable way to save money. You can find many online deals on items you or your family need and want. With a few scrolls and swipes, you can quickly compare prices and see where you can get the most savings. Plus, don’t miss out on the vouchers and online sales available.

Lastly, online shopping is also an excellent way to interact with your family and friends. Today, many shopping sites and apps offer a feature where you can connect with other people who have the same shopping interests as yours. You can ask for opinions, share your own insights, and make new friends along the way.

Virtual Parties

Jugging your duties as a mom, as a wife, and as a career woman can be a daunting task, leaving you little to no time to socialize and relax with your friends. Chances are it will be difficult to throw a backyard barbecue party or attend a Friday night out, but it doesn’t mean you can no longer bond with your colleagues.

A popular way of connecting with your friends is organizing a virtual party. It’s a social event held online, usually through video conferencing sites like Skype, Google Meet, or Zoom. 

While some virtual parties happen spontaneously, planning everything in advance is better to make things more exciting. You can choose a creative theme, such as a virtual board games night, a trivia quiz night, a horror movie night, or a cozy pajama party, to take it to the next level. Otherwise, you can enjoy an unstructured event and just recharge, unwind, and talk with everyone casually.

Virtual Book Clubs

While curling up on your reading chair and consuming a good book is pleasurable, there are many ways to boost your reading life online. If you’re a voracious reader, you can join a virtual book club to engage with other bookworms like you.

These digital platforms will allow you to chat with other readers about books, meet book influencers, interact with your favorite authors, and gain new friends. You can engage with people who share the same passion and interest as you without leaving the comfort of your home, making the act of reading no longer an isolated affair.

Online Courses

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If you’re looking for something that’s not entertaining but educational as well, then taking online courses is your best. From cooking to photography, writing, history, jewelry making, time management, art, and even parenting, you can discover an endless array of online courses that you can enjoy.

It’s a great way to pass the time and improve your skills and knowledge without having to leave your house and spend money on childcare. It’s also a terrific way to bond with your children if they’re taking the same course as you or meet other adults and learn together. Lastly, it’s a fantastic chance to leave your comfort zone and have fun doing something new.

Online Fitness Classes

Motherhood is tough. That’s why you must stay healthy and fit to keep up with all your responsibilities. Sadly, most parents find exercising hard despite its many benefits, like relieving stress, brightening your mood, and improving your mental health. After all, it can be quite difficult to find time to go to the gym after spending your day keeping your little ones entertained, cleaning the house, and making dinner.

Thankfully, technological advancements made it easier for parents like you to get a good workout amidst your busy life. Instead of attending them in person, you can take fitness classes from the convenience of your home.

Whether you like yoga, dance, pilates, or HIIT, you can find different workouts in more straightforward and approachable routines to meet your fitness requirements. What’s even great is that these online classes are usually cheaper than enrolling for a gym membership or in-person fitness program. With that, there’s no more excuse for you to miss out on the fun of staying fit and healthy.


These are the best forms of online entertainment that are suitable for moms or even for dads that have free time at home. Make the most out of your days off or weekends by enjoying the forms of online entertainment mentioned above and by being productive.