Benefits Of Storing Cheese In Good Quality Storage Bags

The first step to having delicious cheese is proper storage. Adding cheese to any dish will make it 100 times more delicious. However, it’s even better when stored correctly in a cheese storage bag! Keeping the cheese ideally allows the flavor to develop over time. According to reports, the global cheese market will reach $199.7 billion by 2030.

What are Cheese Storage Bags?

Cheeses have a relatively short life, lasting only about three weeks. Once opened, that period may be slashed by half or even less, especially if you don’t store your cheese properly. Cheese storage bags are quick, easy-to-use tools that help preserve the freshness and flavor of your cheese longer, allowing it to last for months. Specifically designed for optimum storage, these bags are ideal for quick cleanup of cheese leftovers and make a perfect ally for all cheese enthusiasts.

A few cuts of cheese

What To Look for in a Good Quality Cheese Storage Bag

When buying a cheese storage bag, here are some key features you should look for:

Porous material: Cheese is a living food. Allowing it to “breathe” lengthens its shelf life and maximizes its flavor. That’s why you should choose a breathable material to let it breathe and prevent it from drying out and becoming crumbly. Never let your cheese spoil into oblivion using produce bags, plastic bags, and sandwich bags made of non-porous materials.

Waterproof: The cheese storage bag must be water-resistant for better protection from moisture.

Reusable: The bag should be good enough to use multiple times for the same type of cheese before switching to a new one. Through that, you can cut down on waste and save on cost when preserving your cheese.

Linings: It should feature a paper towel lining that helps absorb moisture and prevent the cheese from sticking to the side of the bag. Moreover, the bag must also have an antimicrobial lining that prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. 

Labeling: Find a bag with printed “Cheese” and “Date” labels to make labeling its content simple and straightforward and ensure you’re always aware of what you have in stock.

Be sure to select storage bags from brands such as Formaticum’s cheese products online to keep them fresh for a longer time.

 Parmigiano cheese

1. Decrease In Odor In The Fridge

Cheese bags are a must-have in any well-organized food storage space. These bags are designed to expel excess humidity and odor, so the cleanliness of your kitchen will not be compromised.

The cheese smells because of the presence of bacteria, especially in the rind. The cheese smells differently in each stage of its making or when in contact with other types of food. You can avoid the unpleasant odor developing inside the fridge by using these storage bags to place the cheese.

2. Ability To Preserve The Taste Of Cheese

A common mistake that many make is storing cheese without a protective layer, which causes it to lose moisture and change its flavors over time. If you want to avoid this from happening with your favorite cheeses, using a storage bag from Formaticum’s cheese products online to keep them hydrated and fresh can be of great help.

3. Avoid Contamination And Parasites

Cheese storage bags are designed primarily to keep your food 100 percent safe, avoiding any contamination or illness development. Different cheese types have different needs when it comes to storage.

Some need more humidity (fresh cheese such as mozzarella), others less (aged cheeses like Parmesan). The bag has a valve system that prevents humidity from escaping, allowing the cheese to be stored according to its needs.

Cheese storage bags help avoid parasites or contaminants like listeria and salmonella, which can be dangerous for your health if consumed.

4. Different Sizes For Different Tastes

Do you prefer small pieces of cheese or large wheels? Do you want to offer appetizers with your cheeses, or are you hosting a party?

If you prefer small pieces, it is best to buy the correct storage bag that suits your needs. If you like giant wheels, go for options with bigger sizes (and vice versa).

Sliced cheese

5. Keeps Its Shape After The Cut

If you want the cheese to retain its shape, place the wheel in a cheese storage bag.

The valve allows the excess moisture and oxygen to escape, so your wheel will keep its shape after opening. You can now cut or grate with ease without having to worry about any residual moisture marking the cut, making the cheese crumble.

6. Keeps The Rind Fresh

Keeping the cheese in a storage bag keeps the rind fresh. Choose an option without a sealed bottom if you want cheeses to ripen with their natural rind. Remember that every type of cheese has its maturation process, so check if it is mold-ripened or matured on the rind before placing it in the bag. If you leave the cheese exposed to oxygen, it will dry or ripen from its rind.

Final Thoughts

Cheese is an age-old staple in human lives, elevating our dishes, giving them a distinct aroma, color, and texture, and making them more flavorful. So, make sure to store them in good quality storage bags and enjoy the benefits of this storage option in keeping your favorite cheeses fresh and delicious for longer.