Installing A Home Security System: How Does It Work?

Before you go out of your house or sleep at night, you lock your doors and close your windows. However, is that enough to keep your family protected? That’s when home security systems come in. They are vital for keeping your family, pets, and property safe from burglary, flooding, fire, etc. Check out brisbane security screens for more information. PrairieTech audio & video solutions expertise and the expertise to design and install a system that fits your budget.

What is a Home Security System?

A home security system is composed of a network of devices that collaborate to protect your home. Home security systems tend to come with door and window sensors, a control panel, motion detectors, signs for your windows and yard, and a high decibel alarm.

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Each component plays a crucial role in keeping your home safe and is managed with a control panel that acts as the primary control center of your home security system. Besides that, other companies that offer installment of home security systems even provide their clients with security patrols that guard your house from time to time.

How Does It Work?

The main purpose of having a home security system is to keep your family and property safe. Potential harm may come in the form of home invasion, burglary, typhoon, or any other environmental disaster. With a home security system, you can easily monitor all of these.

A home security system uses different types of sensors that coordinate over wire or radio frequencies to a central hub. The central hub then transfers the information to the outside world using a landline or a cellular connection. The hub tends to be a small box placed on your counter, or a touch screen mounted to your wall.

The sensors are professionally installed around your home at entry points. This includes doors and windows located on your first floor. These sensors will detect when a door or window opens or closes and when someone moves around in your home.

When the system is triggered, it alerts the hub. The hub will then sound a high decibel alarm, send you a message (either through call, text, or an app), and can even alert a monitoring center (if you have one).

Having a professional monitoring system means that the trained employees of the security company track the signals from your home security system. They will attempt to contact you and the authorities if they sense a potential threat.

All professionally installed home security systems tend to have a professional monitoring contract. The contract usually runs for three years. If you have a DIY home security system, you can freely use a professional monitoring system as long as you want.

Common Home Security System Alarm Features

Most home security systems don’t require electrical work or landline to install at this time and age. The following are the standard security alarm features you should know about:

Hub or Control Panel

The hub is considered the heart of your home security system. It uses radio signals in order to transfer information to your security sensors, monitoring center, and of course, you. Most hub or control panels have a built-in keypad that can help arm or disarm your home security system.

Keypad and/or Key Fob

This feature is designed as an additional way to arm or disarm the system. As mentioned earlier, a keypad is usually built-in into the hub. However, you can also choose to buy additional keypads. This makes sense if you have more than one exterior door.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are battery-powered devices generally placed up high to cover the areas that people inside the home have to move through. This feature uses passive infrared technology that can detect movements by sensing the body heat.

Contact Sensors

These are also battery-powered devices. It consists of a magnet and a sensor. You can place the sensor in one part of your window or door and the magnet on the other part. When your window or door opens, the contact between the sensor and magnet will break, and a signal will automatically be sent to the hub.

High Decibel Sirens

Today’s technology can provide you with many ways to scare off burglars. However, nothing beats the good old fashion high, decibel sirens. The piercing alarm can alert you and your neighbors to any potential danger that may surround your home.


Not all home security systems come with cameras. However, this feature is a popular add-on. The most common type is the video doorbell camera, which connects your home security system with your doorbell wiring or even wirelessly over your Wi-Fi. It will then alert you if they have detected a motion at the front door.

To Sum It Up

Home security systems can make your home a lot safer. They protect your family as well as your property. Furthermore, they are usually composed of a network of devices that work hand in hand in order to keep your home secured.