Benefits of Having A Kiddy Pool In Your Home

Most parents like the idea of their kids spending a little time in the water to have a taste of swimming and playing in the water. However, the fear of drowning that comes with adult pools has prevented them from encouraging their kids to swim or play in a pool.

The good news is that your kids can still have fun and play in a pool while ensuring their safety at the same time. A kiddy pool is purposely designed with the security of your kids in mind. It’s quite small and shallow that your kids can play in the pool. The general idea of a kiddy pool is to give kids a foretaste of what a big adult pool feels like and to train their swimming skills. Below are some of the benefits of having a kiddy pool in your home:

1. A Good Relaxation Idea

Pool time is a great way to relax with your kids after been out all day. Kids have a lot of energy that they need to use up, and it can be very tiring for you to continuously run after them in order to keep them in a perpetually sober state.

A simple solution to the high energy demand of your kids is to channel their energy for a relaxing activity, like swimming in a kiddy pool. Doing this will ensure that as they’re using their high energy, they’re doing something that can relax them, not to mention that it’ll be relaxing for you, too.

2. Builds Swimming Skills For Kids

Installing a kiddy pool gives your kids the chance to learn how to swim and gather some skills that’ll be valuable when they become adults.  You can also look at swimming lessons for 8 year olds as well.

Besides, children have a lot of hidden monsters that plague their imaginations. It’s part of your responsibility as a parent to note this imagined monster and chase it away. Kids generally have to deal with different kinds of phobia while growing up. Some kids fear to be alone, while some fear water.

Now, if you have a kid whose phobia is water, a kiddy pool may be the best way to build the courage and master that fear in your kid.

More so, if your kids continuously practice and play in a kiddie pool with slide, they’ll develop unique water skills that’ll make it easy for them to navigate adult pools as they grow up.

pool image

3. It’s Safe

Another significant benefit of having a kiddy pool at home is that it’s very safe – with little or no risk for pool accidents that can result in drowning. This is because the average kiddy pool is very shallow. It’s mostly just the size of a bathtub, having a depth of about 2 feet.

Even if you cannot physically observe the kids play in the pool, a kiddy pool will put your mind at ease. Also, the materials used by the manufacturers to make a kiddy pool is such that eliminates or reduces the risks of head injury from falling and other related damages.

4. Create Bonds With Your Kids

Most parents complain of not having enough opportunities to spend quality time with their kids. This is partly due to their nature of work and the kid’s activities.
The average parent cannot reason like a kid and play at the level the kids derive fun. This problem of a gap in fun communication can be bridged by spending time with them in a kiddy pool.

The kiddy pool might not accommodate your whole body, but you can comfortably sit out and stretch your leg in the pool while the kids are playing. This will provide you with the dual advantage of relaxing your nerves and also creating an opportunity to create powerful bonds with your kids.

5. Healthy Exercises

The idea of a kiddy pool is to create something that allows fun while ensuring the safety of your kids . However, a hidden advantage of having a kiddie pool is that spending time inside the pool will necessitate movements of both leg and hand muscles by the kids.

These movements of the hands and legs are a direct form of exercise that can make their muscles stronger. This form of exercise will also help their blood circulation and make them generally healthy.

6. Social Interaction

Social skills are one of the most vital things your kids must learn, especially now that we’re in a world where children tend to be glued to their electronic devices. If you’re having difficulty keeping your little ones away from their smartphones or tablets, having a kiddy pool might be the best resort.

A kiddy pool is a perfect place for kids to spend with other kids their age, allowing them to socialize, play games, hang out, and interact. You can gather your and your neighbor’s kids for a fun afternoon filled with different water activities to have them break out of their shells and have a positive experience.

kid in a pool

7. Entertainment

Are you a work-at-home mom with many responsibilities but no longer wants to hear countless chants of “Mom! I’m bored!” from your kids? A kiddy pool will save your day! It will serve as instant entertainment that your children can enjoy. What’s great is that you don’t even have to shell out hundreds of dollars to bring them to a theme park or drive them to the movies. They can have fun right in your backyard!

Meanwhile, if you’re also looking for an amusing venue for your kid’s birthday party or other special gatherings, a kiddy pool can be the perfect fun spot! Best of all, you can elevate everything by choosing different pool party themes and ideas, such as mermaids, sea creatures, pirates, and many more.

8. Cleaner Than A Public Pool

While most swimming pools are clean, some may harbor germs, especially if the pool has been very crowded and hasn’t been adequately treated with chlorine and bromine, designed to keep harmful microorganisms at bay. These pathogens can cause illnesses like eye, ear, and skin infections, as well as gastroenteritis.

With a kiddy pool, you always have complete control of the cleanliness and maintenance of the water. Knowing your kid is swimming in safe, clean water, you’ll have better peace of mind. Just ensure the water is emptied at least daily, freed from debris, rinsed off, and refilled with fresh water.

9. Makes Bedtime Easier

While swimming is exciting, it’s also a physically-demanding and tiring activity that uses much of your kid’s energy. After spending a few hours in the afternoon, expect your kids to be ready for bed earlier! Swimming also helps release feel-good endorphins and relieve stress, so your kids will feel happier and more relaxed. Thus, inducing deeper, better sleep throughout the night!

10. Gets Your Family Outdoors

It’s no secret that people today are obsessed with technology, with not only adults but also kids locking themselves in their rooms, playing games, or browsing social media.

A kiddy pool is an excellent excuse for you and your kids to get outside and reap all the healthy perks of being outside. Such benefits include absorbing vitamin D, essential for keeping bones, teeth, and muscles healthy, breathing fresh air, and getting the chance to unplug from technology once in a while.

11. Overall Development

As swimming is a whole-body experience, it helps improve all types of sensory experiences. For example, water activities promote better blood flow to the brain, which enhances focus, clarity, and memory. Besides mental growth, children who swim also exhibit different social advancements, such as increased independence, better eye contact, and a more outgoing attitude. Of course, there are also improved physical growth and strength, signaling overall development.

12. Staying Cool

You know how the sun can be unforgiving during the height of the summer, forcing you to find ways to keep your kids cool. Instead of giving them sweet ice cream or a can of soda (which can add up to much calories!) to help with the heat, having a kiddy pool provides your children with a great place to cool off and have fun when the weather gets too hot.


There’s nothing wrong with installing a kiddy pool in your home. The benefits you’ll derive
from it should make you consider getting one, even if you already have a swimming pool in your

With a kiddy pool, you get to relax, have fun, and create strong bonds with your kids. It’s also
very safe and promises a lot of health and other fun benefits to you and your kids.