Benefits of Annual HVAC Maintenance

Are you wondering if there are any benefits from annual HVAC maintenance? Maybe you are unsure if you need to get yearly maintenance done, especially if your system is new. However, it has several benefits, even if not immediately visible. Although it may seem a needless expense, you will be glad of the care you put into your HVAC system over time.

However, Hurliman Heating can help you with your yearly maintenance. Let’s go over all the benefits you can expect from performing annual maintenance.

1. Prevent the HVAC system from breaking

Like any machine, an HVAC system requires maintenance. Scheduling yearly check-ups prevents sudden breaks and requires “reactive maintenance,” meaning to act only when there is a problem or when the system breaks. It is possible to isolate potential problems and resolve them before they become worse during a maintenance process.

In addition, objects and machines tend to break in the worst possible moments and when least expected. Therefore, yearly maintenance is in order if you want to control the situation instead of hoping that nothing happens and HVAC Maintenance in Phoenix is something that could prove of great help.

Keeping an HVAC system maintained means fewer repairs are required over its lifespan. Sometimes maintenance can isolate worn-out parts to be replaced, but that can compromise if the whole unit is kept in the system.

2. Increase the unit life expectancy

 An HVAC unit can last between 15 to 20 years and sometimes arrive at 25 years. However, a unit can last less than ten years without regular maintenance.

Things like replacing a worn-out part, cleaning the fans, replacing filters, lubricating belts, and other actions can be instrumental in prolonging the system lifespan. Each piece of the HVAC unit has a separate life expectancy. Here is what you can expect each part to last:

  •  Furnace: 15-25 years
  • Air Conditioning unit: 15 years
  •  Heat pump: 16 years
  • Tankless water heater: 20 years
  • Electric or gas water heater: 10 years
  • Thermostat: up to 25 years

And each part requires yearly maintenance to ensure the entire system runs properly and lasts longer.

3. Improve safety

 A properly functioning unit is instrumental in getting through summer without suffering from a triple-digit temperature. Babies and elders can develop health problems in such conditions, especially when dealing with intense heat and humidity.

But the malfunctioning unit can cause a sudden increase or decrease of temperature in the house. So you could come back home to find it frozen or too hot. In winter, if the heat stops working it can cause damage to pipes and water damages.

If that happens, you can spend a lot of money on repairs. In addition, more dangerous is carbon monoxide intoxication. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and its effects can be deadly.

A cracked or broken heat exchanger can cause carbon monoxide to leak. Yearly check-ups always test if there is any leak and make sure your house is safe. It can also prevent your HVAC system from going out of control and freezing the house or making it too hot.

4. Lower your utility bills

Damaged or dirty units can considerably increase your utility bills. On the other hand, clean air filters and all system parts functioning correctly will reduce energy consumption. In addition, yearly maintenance can be instrumental in verifying that your thermostat is calibrated properly.

In fact, thermostat controls have the habit of drifting gradually. This can increase your utility bills because even a few degrees of difference can make your unit work more and significantly affect your energy consumption.

5. Save money

Yearly maintenance does not reduce only your utility bills. However, you can save money in several ways. For example, you can save on breakdowns and repairs costs (when using your warranty) and even save money because you do not have to replace the entire unit after a few years.

In actual fact, maintenance can reduce 90% the risk of breakdowns. In addition, it is now necessary to have proof of annual maintenance to benefit from the warranty of the manufacturer of your HVAC system. So, if you need to replace a part or need an urgent repair, you can save a lot of money if you take advantage of the warranty.

6. Improve air quality

Air quality in your house can worsen if you have clogged air filters. In general, air filters collect dust, spores, dander, and other small particles resulting from cleaner and fresh air. Air contaminants can be responsible for allergies, asthma, and even sinus problems.

With routine maintenance, you can ensure that to get rid of all those contaminants and keep a good air quality. In addition, if dust is collected efficiently through your air conditioning system, less of it will end up on the floors or shelves, helping you keep your house clean.

7. Safeguard the environment

A well-maintained system will consume less, be suitable for saving money, and even better for the environment. All the problems that let the system consume more can be resolved during yearly maintenance. In addition, technicians can help you get and install a programmable thermostat to regulate consumption and pollute less.

8. Great assistance when needed and peace of mind

Often you can get an HVAC maintenance plan from a provider who will perform the yearly check-up. In general, the technicians will get to know you and your system and can better assist in getting what you need.

You will get to know who is working on your system and have trusted terminals that will follow you through the years. It is always better to have familiar people coming to the house who already know the system’s peculiarity and your preferences.

 Such a maintenance plan and familiar people taking care of your system through the years can make you feel comfortable and confident that everything is in order and functioning well. In case something goes wrong, you will get assistance.


All in all, annual HVAC maintenance provides more benefits than disadvantages. Although spending time and money on such a service can be annoying, considering an extended period is more beneficial than not. You always want to ensure your system is working correctly, especially in summer. Therefore, it is better to schedule your yearly maintenance before it gets too hot.