Are You Packing to Go for Inpatient Treatment for Drug Abuse Recovery? Here Are Some Tips on How to Pack for Rehab – What to Bring, and What to Avoid

Attending rehab is a good decision to make, and is a step further in ensuring your recovery from the abuse of drugs and alcohol. When you are embarking on attending an inpatient treatment facility to recover from drug abuse, it is normal to wonder about what you should bring and what to avoid. While the list may vary in some details, you need to pack more than just basic necessities to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible – after all, rehab is an uncomfortable process and the symptoms will lead to pain. If you want to contact a trusted outpatient alcohol rehab treatment facility, click the given link.

There are specific items that will remain consistent regardless of the drug rehab facility you go to, so here are some of them.

The general items to bring during rehab

Seasonal clothing

Because both external and body temperatures will fluctuate during the process and days you are there, many rehab facilities (if not all) will encourage you to carry some seasonal clothes. These should be enough for a vacation that lasts between one and two weeks.

The clothes should be easy to layer, as a general guideline. In addition, you should also pack comfortable clothes to sleep in.

Because almost all facilities will incorporate exercise into their recovery strategies, many of them will have the option for regular exercise. Make sure to include some sneakers and gym clothes to take care of any outdoor activities you will participate in.

The location and climatic conditions of the facility should also be a factor in the clothes you pack. For instance, if it is located in a cold or rainy place, you need to pack enough warm clothes. As much as possible, bring everyday items you are comfortable with, such as accessories like earrings. However, do not carry the most valuable accessories, it is better to leave them at home where they are more secure.


Just like packing to go somewhere else, you should always include your own toiletries. Numerous facilities will also ask you to bring these items, particularly when they are unopened or new.

The list should include items such as soap, body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, and a toothbrush, hairdryer, hairbrush and basic makeup (if it is necessary). These items need to be enough too last thirty days, at the least.

Insurance card and identification

The facility needs to identify you when you arrive, so it is important to bring some form of identification like your driver’s license. They will also require a copy of your insurance card for future records, so make sure to include it in the package.


If you already have some medication prescription from your doctor, you can bring it to the rehab facility. You must bring them with their original bottles so that they are certified as authentic and you take them strictly according to the prescription.

It is additionally helpful to give the clinical team of the facility all the information of all the medication you were on or currently on before you joined the facility.

All the important phone numbers

For family and friends of the affected person, it is a scary thought to let their loved one join a rehab facility – even if it is the best decision to make. This is why a treatment center will want a way to get in touch with the most important people in your life so that they inform them how treatment is progressing and alert them if anything happens.

Journal and some books

Even though many of your sessions in rehab will consist of therapy sessions, group time, and other activities, there is also some downtime as the process continues. You should not let your mind get idle, so occupy it with something wholesome like a book or even penning down your thoughts in a journal.

Both of these activities prove to help you go through the process while managing anxiety, depressive symptoms and reduce stress.

What not to bring to rehab

While you are in the process of packing, there are things you need to leave behind. Here are some of them.

Alcohol and drugs

This is mostly self-explanatory, but you need to stay away from these substances. Some clients, however, try to sneak these in, but they will impede your progress instead of helping you recover. I addition, there is no need to carry them, because your belongings will be searched before you enter the facility.


If you carry any dangerous item, this will not be allowed inside – for your own safety and that of others. Otherwise, they will be confiscated during the search.

Tools that help in the consumption of drugs and alcohol (paraphernalia)

This will include even syringes or any other tools that glorify or advertises the use of alcohol and drugs.

Toiletries that have alcohol in their ingredients

If you have any alcohol-based products, make sure to leave them at home. This includes specific brands of mouthwashes, aerosols, perfumes, and nail polish removers.

Drinks an food from outside

These will not be allowed in rehab since it is not clear what their composition is (they may be laced).

Large sums of cash or expensive jewelry

Many things like food will be provided for you during your stay, so you will not need large sums of money anyway. In addition, they can easily get lost as you travel – the same rule also goes for sentimental or expensive jewelry pieces.

In addition, it is also important to note:

Smoking rules vary

Most facilities will allow you to bring cigarettes with you in case you smoke, although these rules will vary. In fact, a study revealed that only one in ten facilities enforces a complete smoking ban.

Cell phones are allowed

This is an understandable question, given that the use of smartphones has increased. This will also vary – some will enforce a complete ban, some will allow them, while others stay neutral and allow them in certain situations.

Final thoughts

The packing off to rehab can be a tricky process when you are not sure of what to bring, but do not hesitate to ask the facility these questions. They will clarify everything for you and tell you what to bring in good time.