5 Things You Should Do Before You Graduate From College

College life can be very interesting. It gives you an opportunity to shape your career and experiment with a variety of things under the sun. In fact, most people wish they could remain in college forever. But unfortunately, time moves very quickly and before you know it, the four or more years that you were supposed to study come to a close. It’s only after graduation that most students begin to regret the things they didn’t do when they had a chance. It’s only those that prepare in advance that experience a smooth transition from college life to the real world where one has to be independent. If you are still in college, below is a list of things you should do before wearing that fancy graduation cap and gown.

You Should Do Before You Graduate From College

1. Quit Drinking

Most college students like to indulge in alcohol while hanging out with friends. Maybe it’s because they have a lot of free time. Whatever the reason, drinking too much can prevent you from accomplishing your goals in life. When you get used to drinking, it becomes difficult to remain sober. The problem with being an alcoholic while still in college is that you won’t be able to even save a dime for your future because you will be squandering all your money by buying drinks for yourself and the buddies you hang out with. Besides that, you will not be able to make critical decisions due to the fact that the alcohol will always impair your judgment. In fact, the list of problems that are caused by alcoholism is endless. That’s why you should find ways to stop drinking when it’s still early.

2. Go for Internship or Volunteer

Going for an internship provides a perfect opportunity to get hands-on experience in your area of specialization. This is because the stuff you learn in college tends to vary with those of the outside world. For instance, if you are studying programming, you will learn how to code with the latest languages when you work as an intern in a big company that deals in software development. In fact, serving in an internship position increases your chances of being hired in the future. You might even be retained by the company if they are thrilled by your performance. If an internship position seems hard to come by, you should consider volunteering because it will still enhance your resume.

3. Start a Small Business

Being idle can kill your creativity. Instead of just partying hard during your college days, you should consider starting a small business that you can run when you don’t have classes. This will ensure that you will have something to keep you busy before and after graduating from college. The juicy part is that you will be able to pay your bills with the proceeds from the business. You only need to identify a problem that needs to be solved and close in on the opportunity. The good thing is that you will find ready customers in your college mates.

4. Start a Relationship that can Lead to Marriage

The college is the best place to find your significant other. This is because there are so many people and you have all the time in the world to screen them. Instead of having casual relationships that can’t amount to anything, you should go out on dates whenever you have time. By doing so, you will be able to find someone that you can settle down with. Keep in mind that it might be easy to go out with someone when you have a tight schedule at work.

5. Network as Much as Possible

There is power in networking. Nowadays the jobs are not given to the most learned, but to those who are well connected in the corporate world. You must, therefore, cast your net far and wide to increase the chances of securing a job. And even if you aspire to be an entrepreneur, the connections you establish before you graduate will become your potential clients in the near future when you start a business. For a start, you should use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Moreover, you should consider attending networking events with the intention of making several friends in every meeting.