Amazing gift ideas for the home

With the holiday season coming up, it’s important to start planning early. Whether you’re thinking about gifts for family or friends, bringing something thoughtful and practical can really show how much you care. 

Gifting can be an especially stressful event. People often become flustered by the vast number of available products, not knowing what their gift-receiver really wants, and waiting until the last minute. And if you’re planning on purchasing all your gifts during the next big sale, you might find yourself overwhelmed and rushed if you don’t go in with a game plan.

Because of this, many people end up with gag-gifts and gift cards. Though these aren’t necessarily ‘bad’ gifts, they don’t really capture the spirit of gifting a demonstration of your appreciation and thoughtfulness. Instead, these kinds of gifts primarily convey a more mediocre message, illustrating gift-giving as something like a reluctant obligation or after-thought.

But where do you start?

It might be most useful to at least figure out what kind of gift you want to give. Many people turn to clothing – warm sweaters, coats, or funny t-shirts – but it can be difficult to pick just the right color, design, and size to fit the person you’re getting it for (notice how I didn’t mention jeans, because we all know that, that’s not going to turn out well). 

Gift-givers also often struggle with the balance between extravagance and simplicity. You can go for the unusual like a marble tombstone or other things.  When it’s someone you care a lot for, you often want to give them the coolest, newest product. But gifts can get expensive real quick.

On the other hand, while simple gifts can still be cute and thoughtful, you should look to at least get something that your gift receiver wouldn’t get themselves on an ordinary day. But ultimately, this depends on who you’re buying for. And while in some cases, it might be a good idea to help someone restock on their basics, like socks and hand soap, it’s also nice when you give something a little more unique. 

A great go-to in gift-giving is home items. These are useful, and people often really appreciate it. They can also be customized to whomever you’re buying for by taking account of their lifestyle, their personality, and of course, their home.

But even with these general considerations, how do you make the leap to picking the best, most perfect gift? Here are some great gift ideas for the home:

1. Wacaco Minipresso GR 

Wacaco’s portable espresso machine is compact and lightweight, meaning that you can bring it anywhere, so you can drink a high-quality espresso at any time and in any place. Costing only $48.85, this is only a fraction of the price of a typical espresso machine, making it a reasonable gift to get for any coffee-lover in your life. 

Being at such a reasonable price for so many useful features, it’s no wonder the Wacaco Miniespresso GR was also featured in “59 Best Gift Ideas This Year” by giftwits

While its intended receiver can use it in their home as a typical espresso machine, they also have the option of bringing it to work, on outdoor trips, and more. 

2. Succulent Terrarium

A succulent terrarium can be a beautiful addition to any home. Many people adore succulents, because not only are they such adorable plants, but they also require very little care. Succulents are known for being almost indestructible. 

In general, house plants are great gifts, because they bring life into any space. Succulents are even better because they can be enjoyed no matter how much experience a person has with taking care of plants. 

Succulent terrariums can also cost anywhere between $10 – $50, depending on how many succulents are contained and the style and size of the terrarium. These terrariums can also be DIY-ed to both lower costs and make it custom to your gift receiver.  Be sure to check out options to buy succulents online.

3. Self-care products

With things like lotions, soaps, bath bombs, and face masks, self-care products or a self-care kit can be a really fun and useful gift. Especially for someone who’s been struggling with the hectic chaos of life, self-care products are a way to remind your loved ones to take time for themselves.

Self-care can be difficult to achieve because people tend to get bogged down by the busyness of life, and it’s easy to overlook. Providing the products they need can be the step that pushes them to finally take the time the should. 

Self-care products and kits can be easy to find, especially around the holiday season. Like the succulent terrariums, you can also create your own kits that specifically cater to whomever you’re planning it for. 

4. Kool8 Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are some of the most useful products nowadays. Many people have made this switch to be more sustainable and help themselves lead happier healthier lives. But because reusable water bottles can be a bit pricey, some people are a bit hesitant to make the investment. 

This is why someone might really appreciate a gifted reusable bottle. 

The Kool8 water bottle, in particular, is eco-friendly, durable, and insulated. These features, along with its sleek design and the company’s charitable efforts towards helping underprivileged regions get clean water, make choosing it a no brainer.  You can also check out other options like this Crystal Water Bottle

5. Indoor garden kit

People love gardening kits. They can be for anything, from flowers to fruits and vegetables.  Being able to grow your own produce can be fulfilling, healthy, and cost-effective, making it both a practical and fun gift.

If you’re looking to buy for someone with little gardening experience, something like herbs might be more useful. Giving an ‘indoor’ gardening kit can also be more advantageous, because they allow plants to be grown in a more controlled environment, making the gardening process a little less intimidating to new gardeners. 

6. Twinkle in Time Custom Star Map

Twinkle in Time’s custom star map is perfect for anyone who loves admiring the night sky. Whether your gift-receiver loves thinking about the mysteries of the galaxy or just the peacefulness that comes with star-gazing, a custom star map can bring those feelings into their home.

This product is customizable in that you can choose not only a color scheme and shape but also the exact day’s sky that you want to present. This can be a birthday, an anniversary, or any special day that you want to commemorate.

7. Personalized Mugs

A cute and classic gift, personalized mugs are simple but meaningful. They’re something you can use daily and are incredibly versatile. Especially during the cold nights of the winter holiday season, a new mug can bring a smile to someone’s face as they make tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and remember that it was from you.

So, whether you’re shopping for friends or family, these gift ideas are sure to make this holiday season a little more fun and a lot less stressful. Hopefully this year it’ll be easier to plan ahead and not end up waiting until three days before to start scrambling to pick up a gift. And along that line, the gifts mentioned above are reasonably priced, so they won’t break the bank, but whomever you’re getting it for will love it and understand how much you appreciate them.

Author bio: This article comes from Andrew Peterson at VegasForAll