Get Unique Wedding Gift Ideas from Pinterest

Out of all special occasions, weddings are probably the most celebrated because they signify the next important chapter of people’s lives. Through marriages, couples will be able to strengthen their bond as they fulfill their dreams and reach their goals together.

Of course, weddings are held on a specific day where the couple’s family members, relatives, and friends are invited to celebrate the grand occasion. Although it is not required, these invited people would often have gifts to give to the newly-wed couple as wedding greetings or their blessings, and these gifts are usually items that they can use in the house or during their honeymoon.

Finding wedding gifts is relatively easy, and some of the most common ones given to couples are kitchenware, pieces of furniture, and even alcoholic beverages. But if you want your wedding gift to be special and unique, then you may have a difficult time finding gifts on your own.

People would typically consult Google and other search engines for wedding gift ideas, but the results that they give you is still the usual wedding gifts, making their suggestions unoriginal.

Good thing that there are inspiration or bulletin board websites like Pinterest that can give you better wedding gift ideas, as their suggested pins or sites are put up or recommended by users themselves and not just by an algorithm that search engines provide.

Setting Up Pinterest

To start searching for wedding gift ideas on Pinterest, you must create an account on their website or smartphone app. Once you’ve placed a username and password, you are then redirected to a page that shows several different topics for you to choose from.

Selecting topics will help Pinterest recommend pins that are related to the topics you’ve selected. So for finding gift ideas, you should choose weddings and gifts as your topics first in your Pinterest account before picking other ones.

Not only will you be able to look at pins created by other users, but you can also pin web pages, videos, or images yourself. This can be done by adding the Pinterest browser button as an extension to your web browser, but the most recommended browser to use for Pinterest is Google Chrome.

You can download the Pinterest browser button on their website, and the extension is automatically attached to your account, so don’t have to sync or connect it after downloading.

Looking for Wedding Gift Ideas

wedding invitations and souvenir box

There are dozens of tips for getting wedding gift ideas on Pinterest, and each of them can give different ideas and inspirations on what to get for the couple who are getting wed.

However, while several pins have tips, some can show you images of wedding gifts that are personalized and made by hand. These personalized gifts would often let you put words or phrases for the items, and these items range from mugs to pillows, which are standard household items that you are giving a slight twist because of its customization options. These pins usually lead you to a website where you can order these personalized gifts, so you won’t need to search the web for people who are making the said items as you can just click on the link attached to the pins.

Wedding guests are not the only ones who will benefit from using Pinterest, as couples can also find ideas for souvenirs to give to their guests through the website. There are plenty of images featuring wedding souvenirs that they can order in the websites mentioned in the pins, and a single person or a family often make some of these souvenirs. You can support these entrepreneurs to strive in the big world of business by ordering through them instead of buying wedding items from big companies or stores.

Organizing Your Pins

Once you’ve pinned at least 10 or 20 pins on Pinterest, finding a single pin through all of them can seem tedious, and some of these pins may have ideas that are completely different from each other.

You can sort the pins by creating separate bulletin boards for you to have a much better idea of the contents of each bulletin board. For example, household item wedding gifts should be grouped in one board, while ideas unrelated to the said subject will be placed on other boards.

Couples who have souvenirs along with wedding gifts to give to their friends in the future can create two boards to divide these topics for better organization.

Through Pinterest, searching for wedding gift ideas has become easier because of its user-friendly features and UI, which can show search results by using images instead of texts frequently seen in search engines. You will quickly know what the website linked to the pin can offer by looking at the photos attached to it, as compared to search sites like Google, where you have to click the link first before you can see the pictures of the web page. You should try using Pinterest if you are in a hurry to look for wedding gifts or if you are searching for customized items to give to the newly-wed.