Alternative Uses for Juicers to Boost Your Health

Juicers are an incredible and versatile machine. They are no longer merely for juicing as this tool can do an array of unique things, which provide various perks for your health. Its alternative uses may be simple, but ones that may have not crossed your mind before! For now, skip on that usual smoothie and juice blend. We’ve listed other great ways to use your juicer, so you can maximize it and turn it into a valuable kitchen ally for your optimum health.


Originating from Genoa, Italy, Pesto is a vibrant green sauce made of relatively healthy ingredients, such as basil, lemon, pine nuts, garlic, Parmesan cheese, and extra virgin olive oil. Each of those ingredients packs distinct vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Basil and olive oil are excellent sources of vitamin A, vitamin K, calcium, and magnesium. Of course, lemon has high amounts of vitamin C while garlic has copper, iron, selenium, and potassium. Simply add them all into your juicer and presto! You now have a nutritious sauce, ideal for pasta, salad dressing, or as a veggie dip,

Nut butter

Though known to be high in fat, nut butter actually contains healthy monounsaturated fats, which are associated with lowering cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. You don’t need a food processor to enjoy its benefits. Pick your favorite nut, be it walnut, almond, hazelnut, macadamia, or cashew. Then, put a little oil, and let it run through your juicer. Add a small amount of cinnamon, salt, or honey for some flavor. You’re now good to spread it on your waffles, pancakes, or sandwich for some yummy, healthy goodness.

Baby food

If you’re a parent, you surely want to give the best to your baby. However, food items available outside, especially packed ones, are often loaded with preservatives and elements detrimental to your baby’s health. To avoid such, why not make baby food at home using your juicer? By doing so, you can be sure that all you give to your baby are fresh, all-natural and the best quality ingredients, fruits, and vegetables, veering your baby away from harmful additives and chemicals.


Are you craving something Mediterranean? Go ahead and make Hummus using your juicer. Simply run garlic, lemon, and chickpeas into the appliance. Add extra virgin olive oil and tahini. You now have a creamy, garlicky dip that goes with almost any snack. Not only your appetite will be satisfied, as Hummus also offers various health benefits, such as better digestion, regulating blood sugar levels, weight, anti-inflammatory properties, and lower risk for heart disease.


Soups are primarily liquid, which means they are an excellent way to keep you hydrated and satiated. Moreover, if you want to feel cozy during chilly winter nights or want to combat cold and flu, there’s nothing more comforting than sipping a warm soup. Simply juice delicious and disease-fighting vegetables and spices, such as garlic, onions, carrots, celery, potatoes, mushrooms, and tomatoes. Then, add it to your soup stock and say hello to an enticing aroma and flavor.


You know the mantra, right? An apple a day keeps the doctor away. No surprise, as it contains vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, copper, and potassium. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to eat the fruit raw. You can get a steam juicer and make applesauce for a sweet, healthy snack between meals. A few servings of it in a week can be a great addition to your diet plan.

Veggie Burgers

After juicing your vegetables for other purposes, don’t throw them straight into the trash bin as you can still turn them into something delectable. Gather all your juice pulp and mash them. Add a binder like egg, oats, bread crumbs, or wheat germ. Pour a small amount of your favorite vegetable juice to bring moisture. Then, shape them like a burger and fry them using natural oils. Get a bun and add some lettuce. Viola! You now have your tasty and healthy veggie burger that’s sure to delight your palate.


Salsa may only be a condiment for tacos and chips, but it is brimmed with vitamins, A and C. It also aids in thyroid function, collagen production, and healthy aging. To make some, simply juice your tomatoes to get a tasty base. Toss the minced garlic, onions, cilantro, and chili peppers. Then, add lime juice, salt, and pepper to taste. Say hello to easy delicious homemade salsa!

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