8 Tips on Caring for Your Pet Cat

Congratulations, you are now a cat owner! Stay tuned for lots of purrs, cuddles, and head butts. But aside from the love and companionship your cat will provide you, you must also be prepared to properly care for your cat. Here are some of our most favorite tried-and-true tips!

1. Holding Your Cat

When it comes to picking a cat up, treat it with care, like you would a baby, as cats can be just as fragile. You’ll want to have one hand under their hind legs and the other behind the front legs; never ever grab them by the scruff.

2. Feeding Your Cat

Although it might seem tempting to do, buying cat food at the supermarket or local pharmacy is usually not the best option health-wise. Depending on your cat’s mobility, age, and health issues, a vet may recommend a certain type of cat food brand that can only be found at a pet store. There is also a real difference between wet and dry food. As far as treats are concerned, don’t go overboard. Remember, your cat has a tiny stomach that can upset very easily.

3. A Restroom for Your Cat

One of the many benefits of taking care of a cat is that they do not need to be walked in order to “do their business”. And they are not prone to accidents, either. But you will need to find a place in your home to put your cat’s litter box. Make sure you place it away from anything that needs to remain sanitary (such as the kitchen or near your bathroom sink), and if you want an easier cleanup from the pieces that your cat kicks out onto the floor, an area where there is no carpet. Scoop it clean at least once a day.

4. Putting Your Cat to Bed

Although cats tend to get comfy in any spot that looks and feels comfy and warm, it’s a good idea to get them their very own bed (or two). You can even add a cozy blanket to it. Wash all the cat beds at least once a week. If you aren’t quite sure where to put the bed in your home, take some time to observe where your cat tends to spend most of its relaxing time, and put the bed around there.

5. Cleaning Your Cat

No, it’s not necessary to actually bathe your cat very often as they are pretty good at grooming themselves, and most cats really don’t like to get wet. But you still need to brush your cat on a regular basis. This will not only keep their fur clean and looking nice, it’ll also help with their shedding and reduce hairballs, which can sometimes prove to be very dangerous to a cat.

6. Playing with Your Cat

Adults are of course aware and know how to be gentle with cats. But children might not be. Make sure you show them how to handle a cat, such as not pulling on their tail, trying to scare them, or extreme roughhousing.

7. Keeping Your Cat Healthy

At the very least, your cat should be seeing the vet once every year. Just like humans, they need an annual physical to make sure that everything is in proper working order. The vet will also clean your cat’s teeth and give them any shots that may be necessary.

8. Keeping Your Cat Sharp

If you’ve ever looked at a cat’s paws, you know that they’ve got some long, very sharp claws. These are used for everything from defense to exercise. And in order for your cat to maintain their weapons, they need to scratch A LOT. Invest in at least one scratching pad or post for your home. Because if you don’t, well, they’ll find other things to scratch, such as your furniture and rugs.

This is only just a small sample of cat care tips; there are dozens upon dozens of other tips out there. So don’t fret if you find yourself with a cat on your hands, but unsure how to maintain it.

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