How Many Carats Should An Engagement Ring Be?

You are in love and wish to buy the most brilliant engagement ring. That’s great, but have you figured out the cost? Diamond experts suggest setting aside at least three months’ salary for buying the best diamond engagement ring.

Engagement rings come with extraordinary emotional and financial challenges where you always strive to achieve a delicate balance. The most common problem faced by buyers is to determine the carat for their engagement ring. Try to buy the piece you can afford. Engagement rings should, of course, be beautiful but isn’t a test for your financial prowess.

The Perfect Carat Size for Engagement Rings

You should note that no one size fits all when it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring. Carat is a measure for precious stones and gems and is equal to 200 mg. It is mostly measured on the GIA scale and is the most accurate measure of a diamond’s quality.

The largest diamond ring sold at an auction at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong measured 118 carats and cost $30.6 million. Thankfully, your engagement ring costs much less than that and varies across traditions and culture.

Does Carat Affect The Price?

When you let the size of a diamond engagement ring influence your buying decision, you will be sacrificing money and quality. If you are on a low budget, it’s always wise to look for a smaller variety, which will also guarantee you the best quality. Sparkling diamonds can hide inclusions, original colors, and look larger but are of low quality.

Types Of Diamond Engagement Ring

A diamond engagement ring is the best gift you can offer to your love. While shopping online or in-store, you will come across an extensive collection of diamond rings. Let’s go through some of the best designs available in the market.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire is the most traditional form of engagement ring available at your nearest store. It’s perfect for couples looking for a simple but elegant bond of love. Solitaire rings consist of a single diamond mounted on top of a circle. The center of the ring receives the most attention and is considered a timeless classic. The ring is made using narrower bands that make the diamond look larger.

Channel Set Engagement Ring

Couples love channel set engagement rings due to their bolder look. If you search for a sleek diamond engagement ring, you can purchase this piece—the diamonds embedded into grooves between two strips of metal. The embedded designs give a healthy look to the diamond without using any prongs.

Pave Engagement Rings

Pave engagement rings are the current in-fashion items widely loved by modern couples. The piece made from tiny diamonds hides the metal. The center, as usual, receives the most attention and comes in round or princess cut.

Classic Engagement Rings

If you prefer an authentic ring that exudes elegant craftsmanship, then purchase a classic diamond engagement ring for your love. This timeless traditional boost of the maximum fire, brilliance, and the center stones are prong-set.

Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring

Follow these tips if you wish to make a smart purchase:

Know The Diamond Cuts And Shapes

When you decide to purchase an engagement ring, you should be aware of the cutting, shape, and quality. Diamonds vary in conditions according to table size, polish, and symmetry. These differences affect their appearance.

Choosing The Metal

The type of metal you choose affects the price and look of your diamond engagement ring. White gold and platinum are famous for their sleek and modern design. You can also choose from platinum and rose gold alloying as your metal.

Know The 4’cs

The 4’cs, namely color, cut, clarity, and carat, is the most important consideration before buying diamond rings. Once you know about these, choose your most important c. It is the universal language to describe diamonds and will help you to buy with confidence.

Selecting Your Side Stones

Dress up your engagement ring by choosing dazzling side stones. It will bring a dash of sophistication to your diamond engagement ring. If you want diamond stones that complement the centerpiece choose the grades close to the diamond.

Get The Sparkle And Size

The cut is responsible for the sparkle you see on diamond stones. Pick an amount certified by GIA as excellent or good. Your engagement ring will sparkle with more diamond sets.

Once you have selected the perfect diamond engagement ring to startle your lover, ensure it receives fair compensation in case of theft. Always ask for a grading report from the manufacturer and authenticate it from an independent authority.