8 Easy Steps To Choose A Moving Company

Do you intend to move? Choosing the right company can be tiresome. The United states Better Business Bureau in 2017 received over 7,700 complaints. The complaints were on alleged damage, loss of property, overcharging, and late deliveries.

If you take extra time on research, it will save you a bunch of hassle. The following tricks are essential in moving company selection.


The internet is a better place to search for moving companies though it can be daunting. Start the process by asking family members and coworkers. They can have an idea of any moving company they can recommend. Real estate agents can also provide better referrals. Don’t rely on the internet alone.

Adhere to the rule of threes

Never should you settle on the first company you get. Take three different companies and get their estimates in person. No company can give a thorough estimate without seeing your shipment.

Be keen on red flags

For an estimate, you get, scrutinize for red flags. Check the professionalism in how you get served. Lateness and inability to answer questions is a red flag. Movers that appear in rented cars might not be the best. An excellent developed company should have its equipment and vehicles.

The moving company must be insured and licensed

If the company is to move outside the city, it should have the license. It will avoid issues by relevant authorities. Request for the company’s US DOT number. The number is helpful when you file a claim against the company. If you are moving to the state you live, consult with the local consumer affairs agency. They will verify if the company is legitimate in the field.

Consult the Better Business Bureau

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) has all the company’s track records. The information is available free online. You need only to use the companies accredited by BBB or at least have a good rating. If the moving company misses on the BBB company lists, check for another option.

Ask for professional accreditation

Trade associations vet companies’ way before they give them memberships. They also do the same before approving the company’s seal. Always look for companies with the American moving and storage associations proMover logo.

Verify the address

Ask for the business cards or the website and check for the listed address online. Make sure the company address is registered and listed under the company’s names. Any name listed under residential names is a red flag.

Check for the contenders for more information

After gathering information from other sources, get back online. Start by ensuring that the information is incorporated in your state. Confirm the duration of the company has been in business. The secretary of state office has these details. Some companies have searchable business databases online that can aid in this research.

Call the FMCSA’s safety violation and consumer complaints hotline

The hotline number is 888-368-7238, which is open 24/7. Inquire about all the complaints registered against your company of choice. Go to the company’s address and see the facilities in person.

Now get the moving company of your choice

By now, you should feel confident about any company that has gone through the above checks. Confirm the data and dates of your move and ensure you get a signed order for the service.


A company selection isn’t an easy process. On the final day of the move, give the service provider the exact map to use to get to your new home. Check for the storage units St. George Utah for any services in case your house isn’t ready. Ensure you have their number for constant communication throughout the move.